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How to Split MBOX into Individual Messages on Mac OS ?

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Published On March 21st, 2023 • 4 min read

The most common file format for storing email messages on a hard drive is the MBOX file format. The format supports most email applications such as Thunderbird, Eudora, Opera Mail, Mac Mail, etc. Hence there are thousands of users searching for a perfect solution to split MBOX into individual messages on Mac OS.

In the Mac Operating System, one can easily individual MBOX files using the perfect MBOX dividing application. If you want a solution that gives the result within a few clicks then it is the perfect solution. The tool is standalone and can be used without the assistance of other applications.

About the Tool to Split MBOX on Mac OS

Using the Application MBOX Splitter Wizard for Mac you can easily divide MBOX files into different messages. The software can be used by anyone with or without technical knowledge. The whole process can be carried out in a few taps. Get the Trial version to know how the tool works and then later purchase the license key to get the Pro Version.

Download for Mac Download for Windows

The MBOX splitter tool is the most effective way to break MBOX into single messages. This helps you to open the MBOX file with all of the information in individual messages. The solution helps to get the work done, from a normal user to a professional.

Projecting Aspects while Dividing MBOX Files

Here are some prominent aspects of the software while breaking the MBOX files into individual messages. Read the below-mentioned points to know the advantages of the tool:

  • Split Single as well as Batch MBOX Files

The tool split both single and batches of MBOX files on a Mac Machine. Users may use the Add File(s) or Add Folder(s) button to upload MBOX files to the User Interface. After that, the tool would allow bulk files to be divided into individual messages. Using this functionality, users can save valuable time.

  • Support all MBOX Files

The divider software for the MBOX file is compatible with MBOX, MBOXO, MBOXRD, MBX, MBS, MSF, SBD files, etc. This toolkit permits the splitting process of MBOX files from Apple Mail, Mozilla Thunderbird, Entourage, Eudora, Opera Mail, Netscape, Horde Webmail, PowerMail, Mulberry, Postbox, Spicebird, Kmail, SeaMonkey, Backupify, Google Takeout, Google Vault, Evolution, Claus Mail, etc.

  • No Size Limitation on MBOX File

Mailbox Splitter is an efficient program that can break MBOX files into smaller email messages. Use this method to split the MBOX files into individual Mac OS messages without having to face any restrictions on file size.

  • Get the Exact result

MBOX contains various email messages and components such as the subject, To, From, Date, Signature, etc. all describing the email file together. The tool, therefore, splits the whole Mailbox files into separate messages by maintaining the mailboxes’ properties and elements.

Split MBOX into Single Messages on Mac

Follow the procedure given below to split MBOX into individual messages on Mac Machine –

1. Start the application on Mac OS-based computer.

Split MBOX into Individual Messages on mac using MBOX Splitter

2. Here the application offers two different options to add MBOX files to the software. The user either Add File(s) to upload single MBOX files or Add Folder(s) to upload MBOX files consisting of the folder.

Select MBOX File using Add File or Add Folder

3. Click on the desired MBOX Email file from the list.

Select the preferred Email File

4. Click on the Save option from the above Menu. From the Saving Option split the MBOX file using From, To, Subject, Size, and Date. The application also allows you to fetch attachments from MBOX files.

Splitting Option to Split MBOX to individual messages on Mac

5. Afterward, click on the OK button in order to start the live process. Wait for a while as you will receive a few messages and a log document.

Process to Split MBOX into Individual Messages on Mac completes

As soon as closing the log report the folder where the resultant file is stored will open up quickly. This feature helps the user to easily access the files without any difficulty.


This article explains the whole scenario and how to split MBOX into individual messages on Mac OS successfully. Using this professional tool is the best solution for splitting MBOX files into single messages. It makes the whole process very smooth, and it gives you 100% reliable results by preserving the whole properties. Hence go for the Trial version and later get the complete Pro version.