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Open MSI files on Mac with Step by Step Guide

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Published On May 20th, 2024 • 5 min read

Open MSI files on Mac: Microsoft created the MSI extension, which is a file that functions as an installation package and is designed to work with the Windows file format. The MSI file is often used during the installation of software on Windows.

What do you do if anybody gives you a file with the MSI suffix but you only use a Mac? I am aware that you find it stressful to open MSI file on Mac. It is not possible to simply download and execute a Windows application on a computer running macOS. Nevertheless, this method is an available method to access MSI files.

What is an MSI File?

MSI files are a kind of Windows installer package file that is used to disseminate Windows updates as well as the installers of any other third-party applications that were designed specifically for the Windows operating system. Both EXE and MSI files have a common purpose: to download and run applications developed with Microsoft Windows.

Microsoft Windows can only open MSI files on Mac using its own Windows Installer application. The MSI files have all of the details required to install the application, particularly the files that have to be downloaded on your Machine; but, if you want within the MSI file, the majority of the information will be in binary format, which could only be viewed by a specialized application.

How to Open MSI Files on Mac OS?

MSI files aren’t compatible with macOS. How can I open MSI files on Mac? Mac doesn’t natively support MSI files. But the Keka application can open one, however.

There are many *.MSI file openers, however, keka is free. You may freely use any third-party application. MSI files are like *.zip or *.rar files. They’re multi-filed. You require an MSI file extractor. Keka extracts MSI on Mac.

Steps to Open MSI File on Mac

  • Step 1: Download and install the Keka application on your Mac Machine.
  • Step 2: Now search your MSI file using the finder.
  • Step 3: After that, click right on the MSI file and choose the “Extract using Keka” option.

    select MSI file

  • Step 4: Keka will create a new folder containing all of the files in the.MSI file for you.

    keka creates a new folder

  • Step 5: The new folder produced by the .MSI will also be opened by Keka, so you can view all the files inside.

    new folder

  • Step 6: In conclusion, you are free to use or open MSI files on Mac; however, it is important to keep in mind that most of these files are binary, and as a result, when you attempt to open them, they can be mainly unreadable.

    open MSI file on Mac

Reasons to Open MSI File and Extract on MacBook

If you are searching for anything specific like a text file, picture file, or document, you may have to open MSI files on Mac to show hidden files and folders. However, there are certainly not many reasons why a normal Mac user would need to extract an MSI file on Mac. If this is the case, the procedure described above should be able to assist you in locating the information you want.

If you are an application developer, you can be familiar with the operation of .MSI files. Additionally, you can be seeking a certain component to resolve an installation issue or to repurpose for another application. You would generally be more off doing that on a Windows environment, but there may be situations when it is important to perform this on a Mac for one cause or another. That includes the repurposing component from the MSI file to use in another application or project. That is extracting files that are compatible with macOS.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q) Is MSI a ZIP file or an installer?

A) An MSI file is an Installer package file used for Windows Update or any third-party application. It’s not a Zip file but a file format used for the Windows OS.

Q) What software can open MSI files on Mac OS?

A) You can use the Keka to open MSI file. Else there is no specific software to open the MSI files on macOS.

Q) Why would I need to open and extract MSI files on a MacBook?

A) There are several reasons why users need to extract the MSI file, here are a few:

  • If you want to get entry to precise documents like text files, snapshots, or different statistics contained inside the MSI.
  • In conditions in which it’s essential to work with MSI files on a Mac due to specific requirements or alternatives.
  • If you are a developer and want to extract files for troubleshooting or repurposing.

Q) Do I need to be cautious while opening the Mac MSI file?

A) If you get the file from an unknown source it is advised to be cautious while accessing irrespective of the file type.

Final Words

After studying this post, you should hopefully now better understand what an MSI file is and the steps to extract MSI files on a Mac. You may open MSI file with the assistance of software if you find yourself in a situation where you need to deal with MSI files. When you tried opening the MSI file on your Mac, did you use the application?