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Open Outlook OST File on Mac Operating System

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Published On February 5th, 2024 • 5 min read

The article here will guide you to the best possible method to open Outlook OST File on a Mac-based computer without Outlook. Here you will find two different methods to access Outlook OST files and get any solution as per your choice. 

OST files are Offline storage table files, i.e., offline data files that collect a copy of the Outlook account data. other accounts such as Microsoft 365 accounts, Exchange accounts, etc. use OST format to copy email mailboxes to local devices. Most people have Archive Outlook OST files with which one can import OST files to another application. 

Whereas at some point user might get stuck while accessing OST files on Macintosh OS. Therefore, go through the complete article and learn more about the perfect method to open Outlook OST Files.

User query:-

“I have a bunch of Outlook OST files in my system, since I don’t have Outlook installed I don’t know how to open the OST files without Outlook. Could you please suggest software to preview those files? Also, it would be great if I could convert the files to any other appropriate file format.

To follow up on the query we have illustrated the solution step-wise. At first, the user can open or get access to the Outlook files, and then if there is a need for conversion, read the complete section in the article.

Why Can’t we Open Outlook OST File on Mac 

As OST files are in Outlook offline file format, which can’t be accessed on Mac OS. None of the email clients on Apple can’t open OST files. Therefore, most of the users change the OST files to an appropriate format supported by a different client. Some of the formats are as follows:

OST to MBOX for Apple Mail, Thunderbird, Opera Mail, etc.; OST to EML (Apple Mail, Thunderbird, etc.); or OST to document formats such as OST to PDF, DOC, etc. 

How to Open Outlook OST File on Mac 

For Mac or Windows users, MacUncle OST Viewer is the solution to display Outlook data files without Outlook installation. Using the tool one can open as many files for free of cost. The self-guided software has a handful of features. 

There is no need to switch the email file extension to Open Outlook OST files on Mac. The direct method opens all the email messages along with the attributes such as Attachment, From, To, Subject, Sent, and Received. The toolkit will scan all the folders and files within minutes after adding the OST file. From there choose the email required email files to open. 

How to Use the Software to Open OST Files on Mac ?

Follow the step-by-step procedure and access all the details in the OST files. 

  • Step 1. Start the tool, OST Opener for macOS, and then add OST files to the panel.Open Outlook OST File on Mac OS using MacUncle
  • Step 2. The tool scans all the files and folders in OST files and then clicks the desired OST file from the Left panel.Add OST files to the software
  • Step 3. Soon all the messages are listed on the right panel of the software with different attributes such as Attachment, From, To, etc.
    Scan all the OST files on software panel
  • Step 4. Click on the preferred email messages, and get access to the complete email message on the bottom part of the toolkit. Choose the OST file to open

Advanced Version of Toolkit to Open Outlook OST File

The tool to open Outlook OST files on Mac OS. To convert or migrate the OST files to another email format or email client download the advanced version of OST Converter Wizard. It delivers a solution to convert OST files to different email formats such as *.pst, *.eml, EMLX, MBOX, CSV, etc. 

The software also allows you to import or migrate the OST files to another email client Thunderbird, or IMAP (Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo, etc.). 

Outstanding Features of the OST Opener Toolkit

Why you should get this toolkit, here are the vital features of the tool. 

  • Simple and Efficient Solution: The software is designed so that users with or without technical expertise can access multiple OST files. All the buttons and display panels are developed entirely.
  • No Requirement for External Application: Open Outlook OST File on Mac without Outlook. The tool works independently without the assistance of any external application. 
  • Display all the Details of OST Files: In the tool, you will get the complete details of the OST file with other email components such as From, To, Bcc, and Subject as well as Attachments
  • Support all OST Files: All types of Outlook OST files can be opened using this method. Get the information and copy the email messages from the application itself. 

The Outline

In conclusion, the article described the best method to access Outlook OST files. The application is lightweight with a user-friendly environment that operates smoothly on all the latest Mac OS X 10.8 and above editions. With minutes you can access all the OST files for free without any hassle.