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Export and Print Thunderbird Emails & Attachments

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Published On March 15th, 2023 • 4 min read

We can document the emails and attachments from the client, however, only a few of them has a direct approach. Therefore, here we will learn the best option to print multiple Thunderbird Emails in the simplest method possible.

I’m unable to print an e-mail and attachment from the Thunderbird account. Even If I use the ImportExport option, it isn’t enough to export more than 50+ email files. Could you please help me with this.

Thunderbird is now one of the most popular free desktop-based email applications on the market. Thunderbird’s whole mailbox data is in the backend of your Thunderbird folders in the *.mbox file extension

Why & How to Print Thunderbird Emails and Attachments.

As we know being paperless is less of a hassle. However, there are situations when a physical printout of an important email is required. For instance, in professional matters, they present it as evidence. It could be accompanied by a contract or an invoice. The hard copy is still useful as a backup.

Now when it comes to how we must get a deep explanation for the same. Thus, in the coming section, you will find an astute application that helps in exporting emails to a document format.

Best & Simple Approach to Get Thunderbird Emails with Attachments 

The Thunderbird to PDF Converter is perfect to change the file format and save the files to the hard drive. The tool has a two-way file-uploading feature which eventually provides a batch print option. Export the emails and attachments from the Thunderbird account. The application is capable of fetching the files from the default location if the Thunderbird application is installed.

Download for Mac Download for Windows

Main Steps to Run the Application 

Install the software and use the below steps. However, the tool is designed with a self-guiding feature that is with a simple user-friendly interface.

  • Start the application to Print Multiple Thunderbird Emails.
  • Add Thunderbird files to the software using the two different options. Either add the files from the default location else manually add the emails.

Start the application to print multiple thunderbird emails

  • Here is the option we used “Let me Select Thunderbird Mailboxes Data”. Then, choose files or folders from the system. Press the Next button.

Add Thunderbird emails to the panel

  • All the files will get listed on the software interface. Choose the desired file and move further by clicking the Next button again.

Choose the required files

  • Now, from the Select saving option set PDF as the saving format and Browse a location to store the final result.

Choose the PDF format to print multiple thunderbird emails

Lastly, all the folders with emails converted to PDF format will open up. Now, simply print multiple Thunderbird emails.

Trial Edition Limitation: The free demo edition gives an option for the user to test the working by changing 25 email files to PDF format. Whereas one can upgrade the software to a professional edition at any time as per the need with the license key. All the important features are in the trial edition for the user.

Manually Print Multiple Thunderbird Emails 

A manual solution will only work in certain circumstances, such as converting Thunderbird emails to PDF format. So, only use this technique if you just need to save a few Thunderbird emails to PDF format.

  • Start the Thunderbird Application on the system.
  • Click on Settings >> Install Add-On From File… from the Add-ons Manager tab. Download the ImportExportTools add-on tool.
  • Now, click on the Import/Export add-on and install it in Thunderbird by following the on-screen instructions.
  • Now navigate to Tools>> Add-ons.
  • To convert Thunderbird to PDF format, first, choose a required folder or choose desired emails.
  • Press the File>>Save Selected Messages >> PDF Format.
  • To save Thunderbird emails to PDF format, select a save location and click the OK button.
Limitations: The common or manual method to get the email files in printable file format can only process a few email files at once. For multiple files, we need something to repeat the same steps again and again.

Bottom Line

To conclude, now it has become easy to print multiple Thunderbird Emails and attachments with the right tool. The complete information with the instruction is in the above write-up. Grab the tool to print unlimited files from your Thunderbird account.

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