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How to Convert Thunderbird Emails to Plain Text?

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Published On June 5th, 2024 • 5 min read

We here present the instant and perfect method to convert Thunderbird to plain text format. Get the email files from the Mozilla Thunderbird to TXT format. With us learn the best technique to extract the Thunderbird emails to text document extension. 

Yes, we can convert multiple Thunderbird files to the desired format with MacUncle. Read and learn about the complete.

About Thunderbird to TXT Conversion

There are different reasons why users export emails from Thunderbird to Text file format. Mozilla Thunderbird supports HTML and Plain text format. That is, one can export the email files from Thunderbird with ImportExportTools Ad-on on the Windows Operating System. 

Thunderbird is an email management application that handles emails, chat groups, newsgroups, etc. securely. It has enhanced features such as Saved search options, rapid search folders, message grouping, labels, complex message filtering, and other qualities included in this email client. This program has a spam filter, a white list based on your address book, and many more features.

Get different solutions for Windows & Mac to export Thunderbird emails to TXT format. 

Manually Convert Thunderbird to Plain Text

  • Start Thunderbird go to Tools and select Add-on in Thunderbird.
  • Now, search “ImportExportTools” in the search bar.
  • Get the ImportExportTools NG and click on Add to Thunderbird. 
  • Press the Install Now and then restart the application.

Now, follow the steps below for Thunderbird Convert to Plain Text. 

  • 1. Select the required or all email messages in the Mozilla Thunderbird account.
  • 2. Right-click and move to Save Selected emails> Plain Text format. Also, if required select the Plain Text Format (with attachments).

Note: The above method is feasible only in the Windows Operating system. Since the ImportExportTools add-on is available for Windows OS. 

Export Thunderbird to TXT for Mac & Windows

Here is the software Thunderbird Converter. The software comes with both Mac & Windows editions. Use the tool to extract the email files from the Thunderbird profile directly without any glitches. It offers two different options to add the Mozilla files to the software interface. The tool works as per the user’s preference. Get the initial edition or the trial version from the link below: 

Procedure to Export Thunderbird to Plain Text format.

Use the procedure below to convert the Thunderbird email to Plain text format. Simply carry on with the steps one by one:

  • Start by Software Installation: Get the tool and install the SETUP file on the system. Convert thunderbird to plain text with MacUncle
  • Selecting Thunderbird Email Files: Use the two options to add Thunderbird files to the panel and press the Next button. Add Thunderbird files
  • Select TEXT as Saving Option: Click on the drop-down menu to choose the TXT file format.  Choose TXT File format
  • Browse Destination location: Press the browse button to choose the desired location to store the plain text files. Otherwise, the tool will store the files on the desktop for the ease of the user.
  • Naming Patterns: Rename the converted file with a certain naming pattern. (Naming options are in the combination of Subject, Date, Time, etc.) 
    Select Destination location and Naming pattern
  • Export Thunderbird to Plain Text: After completing all the steps, press the Export button in the bottom corner. Within minutes all the files will be exported to Thunderbird emails. 

Also, check the features of Thunderbird to PDF Converter to save the emails locally.

Best Features of the Software

While performing the process of Thunderbird Export to plain text, the tool offers some advanced traits. 

  • a). Auto Fetch Option: The “Convert Configured Thunderbird mailboxes data” will automatically fetch the data from the Thunderbird profile. After getting the email folder, the user can select the required files from the folder.
  • b). Multiple Saving Option: Other than a Text file format, select any email or document extension. In any case, the result will be accurate. 
  • c). Convert Contact or Emails: Emails, contacts, calendars, etc. from the Thunderbird account. Select the Thunderbird files of any type of data to convert to Plain text. 

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The solution for the “Convert Thunderbird to Plain Text” thread is here. We have a simple and efficient tool to export the Thunderbird files to a simple document format. The method is applicable for Mac and Windows Users and gives out the exact result without any error. Convert Thunderbird emails to TXT Create the documented files from the Thunderbird account effortlessly. 


Q) Why are users converting emails from Thunderbird to plain text?

A) There are a variety of reasons why users want to convert Thunderbird emails to TXT:

  • Simplicity: The Text files are straightforward to work on. It removes any potential issues with the HTML formatting, images etc.
  • Compatibility: All email clients and the system universally support the plain text format.
  • Storage: The TXT files are usually smaller in size and then require less storage space

Q) Is there a way to convert Thunderbird emails to TXT with an add-on?

A) Yes, there are add-ons available for Thunderbird that can automatically help in the process of converting the emails to plain text.

Q) Can I convert attachments to plain text as well?

A) With the manual method, there is no option to convert the attachments to text file format. However, with the software, you can export all the data from Thunderbird to Text.

Q) Will converting emails to plain text affect the original emails in Thunderbird?

A) With the software, we can convert the emails without causing any alteration to the email files.