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Migrat Thunderbird to Apple Mail / Mac Mail

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Published On May 27th, 2024 • 5 min read

Read “How do I import Thunderbird to Apple Mail?” and how to use a professional solution. This article discusses the method to migrate Thunderbird to Mac Mail migration using the trusted Thunderbird Importer Wizard solution.

Besides, Mozilla Thunderbird is a popular desktop-based email client application. Windows and Mac platforms can be supported. However, it does not provide a direct option for migrating Thunderbird emails to Apple Mail.

On the other hand, Apple Mail is a Mac-based free email client application. Apple Mail has been the standard for email clients since the early days of OS X. If you are one of those who are looking for a solution to import Thunderbird Emails to Mac Mail, read this article carefully.

Why Switch to an Apple Mail Account?

The default email client for macOS, Apple Mail, is renowned for its intuitive design, easy integration with other Apple services, and wealth of functionality. Switching to Apple Mail can be a fruitful decision, regardless of whether you’re acquiring a new Mac, making the transfer from a Windows PC, or simply like the Apple ecosystem. Here is how to import your Thunderbird data so that the transfer goes more smoothly.

Manually Migrate Thunderbird to Apple Mail

Importing Thunderbird emails to Apple Mail can be a task, but it’s certainly achievable through manual methods if we overlook some of the limitations. Here’s a comprehensive guide on transferring your emails from Thunderbird to Apple Mail.

  • Start the Mac Mail email program, then select File >> Import Mailboxes.
  • Now use “Import Data From” to proceed, and select “Files in MBOX Format.
  • Select the files from the MBOX format menu and click “Continue.”
  • Finally, check the generated MBOX files, choose them, and finish the procedure.

Now, check out the automated method for instant migration of emails from Thunderbird profile to Mac Mail

Migrate Thunderbird Files to Mac Mail – Simple Procedure

Migrate all the email files from Thunderbird to Apple Mail using MacUncle Thunderbird Converter which imports the Email files to Mac Mail. First, convert the Thunderbird files to an appropriate format for Mac Mail and then import the result to Apple Mail. Here are the steps to import the Thunderbird files,  before downloading the wizard from the below link-

How to Import Thunderbird Emails to Apple Mail Accounts?

  • Launch the tool, and select “Convert Email” or “Convert Contacts & Calendars“.Use the tool to migrate thunderbird to apple mail
  • Now select either “Convert configured Thunderbird mailboxes data” or “Let me select my Thunderbird Mailbox data“.
  • Upload Thunderbird files using Add File(s) or Add Folder(s) if you have selected “Let me select my Thunderbird Mailbox data”.
    Upload Thunderbird File to Migrate Thunderbird to Apple Mail
  • Here it’s shown an automatic selection of Thunderbird. Hence after clicking the Next button and then, choose the Thunderbird folder for conversion and click the Next button.
    choos the Thunderbird Folder for migration
  • Further, choose the desired file format and destination location. Press Export.Select MBOX format from the option
  • After Thunderbird Conversion Completes, a few messages display stating conversion completed successfully.

We also have the simple technique to extract email addresses from the Thunderbird folder

Import Thunderbird MBOX File to Apple Mail

Now simply import the resultant MBOX file to Apple Mail along with the attached documents. Follow the step-by-step process to migrate Thunderbird to Apple Mail.

  • Start the Apple Mail email application and then choose the File>> Import Mailboxes option as shown in the respective screenshot.
    Start Apple Mail and go to File Option
  • Now it will ask, “Import data” From here choose other options to continue.
    select other options from Import data
  • Choose the file in the MBOX format option and press continue.
    Select File in mbox format from the options
  • Finally browse, the resultant MBOX file from the system, and press continue.
    Select the desired item and import thunderbird to Apple Mail

Final Outline

This article described the reliable solution for Thunderbird emails to Apple Mail or Mac Mail migration. Also, we’ve been taking steps to migrate Thunderbird to Apple Mail. So, a free download of the Migrator to test and update the trial version of this tool. After checking the software process, you can easily switch to a licensed version of this application.


Q) Can Apple Mail import Thunderbird email files manually?

A) No. To move the emails from Thunderbird to the Apple Mail account using the MacUncle software would be more convenient for direct migration.

Q) Does the software allow to import of Thunderbird contacts to Mac Mail?

A) Yes. Before starting the procedure, the user can select the option to transfer contacts or emails from the Thunderbird profile

Q) Is it possible to directly migrate Thunderbird emails into Apple Mail?

A) If you have a few files to transfer then you can export the files from Thunderbird in MBOX format and then import them into the Apple Mail account.

Q) Does this migration affect my email attachments?

A) Generally no. Attachments are included when you export emails from Thunderbird to Apple Mail. Thus, they remain intact during the migration.

Q) Will my folder structure be preserved during the process?

A) Yes. The folder hierarchy will remain intact even after and during the migration process. You can check once the migration.