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Remove Attachments from Gmail without Deleting the Emails

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Published On March 26th, 2024 • 6 min read

We are here to figure out the best ways to remove attachments from Gmail emails. Deleting the attachment to save up the storage space can be a tedious task if the unwanted attachments are from different emails. Thus, we will check how to delete attachments from Gmail without deleting the emails.

Gmail has 15 GB of free storage space for inbox. Even though it can appear to be adequate, if you use the space frequently, you could end up using it all. Bulky attachments that take up unnecessary space in your email are typically to blame. The best way is to delete Gmail attachments if you want to keep the emails. Go through the two techniques to just delete attachments in Gmail.

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What Happens When We Remove Attachments from Gmail?

Firstly, there is no direct way to remove just the attached document from the emails. We will see the common practice of deleting Gmail attachments from here.

When you delete attachments from Gmail, numerous things occur each in terms of the e-mail itself and its related files. However, the e-mail’s textual content content stays intact, so recipients can still study the message and recognize its context.

Large attachments may take up storage space, reducing email send and receive capacity. On the other hand, performance may be improved if the account’s emails are smaller. Additionally, deleting attachments can help to increase email control. Huge attachments can clog inboxes, making it difficult to find and sort important communications. For many users, removing Gmail attachments is a wise decision because it can improve efficiency, organization, security, and storage management.

Manually Delete Gmail Attachments

You can purchase additional storage from Google, or you can search for and delete any emails that contain huge attachments.

  • In the search bar use the operator: Has attachments to locate the emails with attached documents
  • Click on All Search Results for 1 filter.
  • Select an email or use the check box to select all emails.
  • Download the attachment if required.
  • Click on the remove button to the attachments to remove it from the email.

However, there may be times when you don’t want to get rid of the original email messages because they might contain important information, you’d rather keep but only want to get rid of the attachments or make a copy of them to remove from the original message to preserve the space. Since Gmail does not yet have this feature, we have the best way to delete attachments from Gmail emails directly. Check out the next section to learn more about the software.

Remove Attachments from Gmail without Deleting the Email

The Email Attachment Remover can remove attachments from Gmail accounts. Gmail attachments can be deleted separately from the emails themselves, saving you from having to delete entire emails. With this professional approach, you preserve the text of the emails’ valuable information while freeing up Google storage. Even before deleting the attachments, you can make a backup of them.

The trial version allows the removal of the first 20 attachments from the Gmail emails. It has all the important features that are included in the pro version of the tool.

How to Use the Professional Method?

The below steps will show you how to delete attachments in Gmail within 5 simple steps. 

  • First, get the version of the tool as per the need and complete the installation.launch the tool
  • Select Gmail from Email Source and enter the credentials to the software panel. Press the Login button.choose the gmail and enter account login details
  • Soon all the email folders will get loaded to the panel. Select the desired folder to remove attachments from Gmail from specific folders in batches.select a folder and delete attachments from Gmail
  • Go to the Filter option to use the selective attachment deletion options. Set the filter options.selectively remove gmail attachments
  • With MacUncle we can remove only the selected Attachment types.remove different types of gmail attachments
  • Move back to the 2nd tab and press the “Delete” button.software notifies about trial version

Software Features to Remove Attachments from Gmail

Remember that a software program’s functionality can change based on the developer and the intended use case. You could anticipate the following standard features in such software to remove Gmail attachments without deleting emails:

  • Bulk Removal Feature: To handle numerous emails and attachments at once, the software offers batch processing. It will allow batch emails in a single process.
  • Selective Removal: Whether you want to delete all the attachments in an email or just a few of them, you should have the option to do so. Therefore, we have the filter options to selectively remove attachments from different email addresses or of different types.
  • Preview the Folders: The software may allow you to examine the entire account folders such as Inbox, Send, Draft, Spam, Important, etc. Choose the folder to delete the attachments from Gmail Inbox or other folders.
  • Save Attachment before Deleting: The user can choose a location to extract the attachment from the Gmail account and delete the same from the account. Thus, backup the important files before permanently deleting them.
  • Security: Check that the software securely handles attachments, especially when working with sensitive data. Data security shouldn’t be compromised. You are only logged in to a temporary profile, the tool does not save any data from the user’s account.


In this blog article, we’ve demonstrated how to utilize the distinct technique to remove attachments from Gmail by keeping the email intact and also maintaining the integrity of the message. If there are only a few attachments to erase, then the manual method is acceptable. However, multiple emails can be processed simultaneously using the program mentioned here. And recover the Google storage space by removing unwanted attachments.


Q) How do you remove attachments from Gmail emails without deleting emails messages?

A) There is no direct method to delete only the attachments from the Gmail emails. We need to delete the whole email from the account. 

Q) Is it possible to delete Gmail attachments of a specific size?

A) Yes. Along with the Has Attachment, we can also use, for example, SIZE: 1MB.

Q) Can I bulk delete attachments from the emails?

A) With the recommended tool, we can bulk detach and delete the emails from Gmail emails. 

Q) How to delete attachments in Gmail from a specific sender?

A) You can enter the Sender ID or name into the search tab along with the Has Attachment filter.