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How to Remove Password from Bank Statement PDF?

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Published On May 31st, 2024 • 5 min read

PDF files are the most used file format for sharing documents because of their security features the compatibility. Therefore, banks often use PDF files with encryption to ensure the confidentiality of the sensitive financial information of the customer. However, when the user receives the PDF files it becomes handy to decrypt the files with the password. Thus, we will guide you through different methods to remove password from bank statements.

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Why We Need to Remove Password from Bank Statement PDF?

As we know the bank statement is password protection to serve the important security purpose. However, there are several legitimate reasons why individuals and businesses may need to remove the passwords from the document. Here are some of the major reasons why users want to remove passwords from the bank PDF statement.

  • Simply Repeated Access: The customer requests for bank statements to refer to the file format multiple times, such as financial planning, and loan application. tax preparation, etc. Thus, having to enter the password each time we need to access the files can be daunting and time-consuming.
  • Centralized document management: Many businesses use document management systems to organize and store files. These systems integrate better with PDF files without passwords. Removing the password facilitates the centralized management of these documents.
  • Streamlining processes: For organizations, especially those dealing with large numbers of financial documents streamlining process is crucial. These password-protected files can slow down the workflow especially when multiple people are working on the same files.
  • Personal Financial Management: Individuals who manage tax and or other finances using budgeting or personal finance apps often need to upload bank statements. Thus, these password-protected bank statements could complicate the process.

While password encryption is very crucial for the initial security of the bank statement, there are serval valid reasons to remove the password once the document is securely received.

Manual Solutions to Remove Passwords from Bank Statements

Using Google Chrome

  • Open the PDF file in the Chrome Window
  • Enter the password in the required field.
  • Press for Windows Ctrl +P or Command +P for Mac to open the Print tab.
  • Click on change under the destination and press Save as PDF.
  • Click Save.

Using Adobe Acrobat Reader In Windows:

  • Start the PDF using the Adobe Acrobat Reader.
  • Enter the password to the PDF files.
  • Press for Windows OS Ctrl +P or Command + P for Mac.
  • Click on print.
  • Now choose a location to store the new PDF file and click Save.

The new PDF file will not have password protection.

In Mac OS:

  • Preview PDF files using the default PDF viewer on macOS.
  • Enter the password to view the document.
  • Go to the File >> Print or Press Command + P.
  • Select the “Save as PDF
  • Choose a location and save the new file.
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Use the Automated Solution to Remove Password from Bank Statement

We can use the PDF Lock & Unlock tool to remove encryption from the bank statement. Remove the password protection from the bank statement from the *.pdf file without the need for any additional support.

Follow the Steps to Access Bank Statement Effortlessly

  • Launch the software and choose the Unlock button.start the tool
  • ADD the Bank Statement document to the software panel.add bank statement
  • Enter the password in the password column. Press the Next button.enter password
  • Choose a location to store the final file.
  • Check the box “Remove Password”.remove password from bank statement
  • Finally, press the Unlock button to state the removal procedure.press unlock

Within a few minutes, a new file will be generated without any password encryption.

Some Key Features to Remove Password from Bank Statement

  • Batch Process: Unlock back statements in batches at once. It saves time by processing multiple files at once.
  • Speed: As we said before, when we can process batches of statements it quickly carries out the removal procedure at once.
  • Removes all Restrictions: If the bank documents have other restrictions the tool will also remove all of
  • 100% Secured Approach: Any type of PDF file is processed securely without any unauthorized access. The whole procedure will keep the file safe without storing any data.


Removing passwords from bank statements can be achieved with manual or automated methods. Use the manual method to remove the password of the document if there are only a few files to access. With the software, we can remove passwords from multiple Bank statement documents. Whether you choose a manual method or a toolkit, these methods will help you manage the file more efficiently.


Q) How can I remove the password from the bank statement without a password?

A) You need to have the user-level password in hand to remove the password entirely from the document. Since it is encrypted initially for security purposes.

Q) Why does a bank statement have a password?

A) Due to multiple security reasons including identity theft, it thus protects the data from other resources.