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Save Attachments from Apple Mail Account

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Published On March 28th, 2024 • 5 min read

Apple Mail is a program that comes with Mac OS X. It is one of the common email clients used by Mac users. Therefore “Save Attachments from Apple Mail” is the top requested solution.

You must understand how to save an attachment so to can access it later since attachments are a convenient way to share things over e-mail. All the email clients do have the manual approach to export attached documents.

Hi MacUncle, could you please guide me with a simple technique to export email attachments in Apple Mail? I used the usual method to save all attachments but that isn’t working for me. There are several attachments in each email from each folder. Please help me out.”

#1 Manual Method to Save Attachments from Apple Mail

You can also remove attachments from several messages at once to free up space in your inbox. This is the procedure.

  • Choose the emails whose attachments you want to save.
  • Navigate to File from the menu, and select Save Attachments.
  • Now select the location to store the attached documents.
  • Finally, press the Save button.

Limitations of #1 Method: With the manual method, only a few attachments can be stored locally in the system. Only a few files can select and extract the attached documents at a time.

#2 Method – Download Attachments from Apple Mail Professionally

Get the attached document using Software Email Attachments Extractor. The utility is keen to export attachments from different email clients. Thus use the iCloud option from the list of email clients and save attachments in Apple Mail.

Download the desired version from the below links

How to Save Attachments from Multiple Mac Mail Emails?

Steps to Follow to run the application:

  • Start the application and choose iCloud from the list of email sources.Start the tool to save attachments from apple mail
  • Enter the email address and the password in the required field. Press the Login button.
  • As a result, all the email folders will get scanned and loaded to the software interface. Select the folder or email file from the list to save attachments.Choose a location to store Apple Mail attachments
  • Set a path to download all attachments from Apple Mail, else use Desktop as the primary location to export files.
  • Go to the filter option to extract attachments from select email messages.Filter and extract attached documents
  • Go back to the previous tab and press the Start Extract button.

Trial Limitation: The demo package of the tool has all the features but with a limitation of 25 files at first. It is to give a brief insight into how the software works. To overcome the limitation, use the upgraded edition and save all attachments from the Apple Mail account.

Also, check out the solution to Export Email Addresses from Mac Mail to Excel

Unique Features to #2 Approach

The comparison of the above two methods could vary to some extent. Therefore, we will provide the reasons to go with the application mentioned here.

  • Save Attachments from Selective File: Since the tool lists all the email folders, it makes the user easier to choose before saving the files. From the folder, the email messages can be selected one by one as per the user’s need.
  • Filter and Save the Attached Documents: The advanced filter option will help to save attachments from Apple Mail. The options include From, To, Subject, Size, attachment with Extension, and document size. Also, set a particular date range to extract email-attached documents.
  • Compatible Program: Download the software on any OS X version above 10.8. The Windows version of the application is also available with the same feature.


Choose any of the approaches as per the need. The manual method is perfect for extracting attachments from one or two emails. Whereas, the software let the user save attachments from multiple Mac Mail emails at once. Thus, choose any method and follow the instructions.


Q) How can I just extract the email address from the INBOX emails?

A) The software scans all the folders and loads them to the panel, chooses INBOX, and proceeds with the steps. Also, the filter option can be used for selective email attachment extraction.

Q) What are the requirements to run this tool?

A) The tool does not demand any specific requirement when downloading attachments in Apple Mail. The software for Mac is compatible with all the latest editions of the tool.

Q) How can I download attachments from Apple Mail MBOX files?

A) Use the MBOX Attachment Extract Tool to save emails from the Mac Mail email files in *.mbox format. The tool works the same with the option to add files or folders.