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How to Send Gmail Messages to WhatsApp in Batches?

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Published On May 3rd, 2024 • 5 min read

Interaction across various platforms is essential in the current digitally interconnected era. Email, among other means of professional communication, is still widely used although personal and business conversations have gained immense popularity on messaging apps such as WhatsApp. Merging these two mediums enhances communication by enabling a person to email WhatsApp contacts or groups. Nevertheless, it is not possible to integrate Gmail with WhatsApp directly but there are efficient methods of achieving that without any hitches. Therefore, this article provides an all-inclusive manual on how one can send Gmail messages to WhatsApp.

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Why Users Want to Move Emails from Gmail to WhatsApp 

Many people or businesses may consider sending emails from Gmail to WhatsApp for several reasons:

  • Instant Communication: WhatsApp offers real-time messaging which is faster than traditional emails.
  • Mobile Accessibility: Due to its convenience and widespread adoption, many users prefer using WhatsApp on their mobile devices. By sending emails to WhatsApp, clients can access important information on their smartphones without having to check their email accounts separately.
  • Personalized Outreach: More direct and personal communication is allowed by WhatsApp. Establishing a closer relationship with the audience becomes possible for companies by sending tailored or personalized email content to WhatsApp contacts thus fostering stronger relationships.
  • Multimedia Capabilities: Various multimedia formats such as images, videos, documents and links are supported by WhatsApp. The richness and impact of communication can be enhanced by forwarding email content with multimedia elements to this platform.

In a nutshell, it is possible that sending emails from Gmail to WhatsApp can improve communication efficiency, boost engagement, personalize outreach and cater for preferences.

Standard Approach to Send Gmail Messages to WhatsApp

There some some top ways by which emails from be shared among the the WhatsApp messaging application. Check out the below method to send Gmail emails to WhatsApp.

Forward Emails On the Desktop

  • On your device, open a Gmail account and choose an email.
  • Then, select the Print icon.
  • Click the destination now, then select “Save as PDF“.
  • Finally, select the location to save the file.

Send Gmail Attachments to WhatsApp Via Mobile Device:

If you want to send an email for your Mobile device as an attachment.

  • Right-click on the email. Choose Forward > Forward as an attachment.
  • Simply share it over WhatsApp after that.

Limitations of using the Manual Approach:

  • Loss of Email Structure: When you change an e-mail to a PDF to send Gmail messages to WhatsApp, you lose the dynamic features and structure of the original email.
  • Limited Search and Accessibility: Once transformed to a PDF and shared through WhatsApp, the recipient may also find it greater difficult to look for specific information in the e-mail as compared to gaining access to a stay e-mail.

How to Send Emails from Gmail to WhatsApp Effortlessly

With the MacUncle Gmail Backup Software, we can send the Gmail emails to WhatsApp after converting the email files to PDF format. After storing the files in any location, transfer the files to WhatsApp using the Desktop version. Export the files to any document format to transfer easily from Google Mail to WhatsApp.

A Software with Multiple Features to Send Gmail Messages to WhatsApp

Using the above-mentioned application we can send emails from Gmail to WhatsApp. Since using backup software is to create copies of the emails from the account. Whereas it can get the emails in a format that can added to WhatsApp.

  • Email Backup and Export: The software typically permits users to return their Gmail emails, inclusive of attachments, to local garages or other email clients. This could involve exporting emails in numerous formats which include PST, EML, or MBOX.
  • Conversion to Supported Formats: You will get the option to convert Gmail emails into codecs compatible with other structures or programs. For instance, you are converting emails to a layout that may be without problems imported into a messaging app.
  • Customization and Filtering: Backup software often has options to selectively backup emails, folders, or labels.


Although there is no right way to connect Gmail and WhatsApp for sending emails, software can help with this tactic. Keep security in mind and choose trustworthy methods or applications so that your messages stay private. With these steps, you will be able to send a Gmail message to a WhatsApp contact or company correctly thereby closing the gap between email and instant messaging systems for smoother communication.

Frequently Asked Question

Q) How to share an email with the WhatsApp group?

A) Use the software and export Gmail emails in PDF file format. Then, share the emails directly to the account.

Q) Does the software provide an option to send attachments from Gmail?

A) Yes. The email attachments are exported along with the email files.

Q) What are the requirements to use the software to send Gmail messages to WhatsApp?

A) MacUncle does not possess any additional requirement to use the software to move emails from the Gmail account to the WhatsApp messenger application.