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Split VCF Files into Multiple Files | Grab the Best Solution

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Published On February 23rd, 2024 • 6 min read

People managing an entire business unit might have a Single VCF file initially to store all the information of their employees, clients, customers, etc. But lately, it gets very difficult to manage such a large business using that single VCF file. So, there arises a need to Split VCF into Multiple Files on Mac, to easily separate the contacts according to their requirement or parameters. At the same time, there is a need to combine multiple VCF files into one Mac. Thus, it makes it easy to share the information after creating manageable vCard contact files. 

In this blog, we have tried to find perfect solutions to Split VCF into multiple files on Mac. The probable solutions will be helpful if you correctly follow all the mentioned steps in this article. Follow this article to understand and know more about it. 

Manually Divide VCF into Multiple Files 

Carefully execute all the mentioned steps and split the VCF into multiple on your Machine: –

  1. Go to C:\%username%\Contacts and click on the Import button. 
  2. Then the dialogue box saying “Import to Windows Contact” chooses the vCard/VCF file option and then clicks on Import. 
  3. From the “Select a vCard file for Import” box, go to the destination where the VCF files are saved. 
  4. Click once to select the VCF file and click on the OK button

Finally, your VCF file would be split into multiple files and you can then make changes in the Contacts as per your requirement. 

Limitations of Using Manual Approach: There are various consequences that you can face while performing the Manual method. Here are some of them: –

  • Overall, the process becomes tough to follow and tedious. 
  • The process might not give you 100% efficient results, the contacts can be missing or hampered. 
  • The user has to have some technical expertise to follow the steps, otherwise, it would be difficult. 
  • The procedure can take a lot of your precious time. 

Thus, it is always preferred to have some other alternative method. 

Split VCF into Multiple Files – Best Alternative Technique 

Many loopholes in the Manual Method can make your process difficult. We have the Ultimate Tool, and vCard Converter for Mac to avoid these. This tool not only Splits VCF into Multiple files on Mac but also offers services like Merging, conversion of vCard file versions, etc. Thus we can use it as a vCard splitter to split using attributes such as number of contacts, keywords, etc. The software provides a dual mode to upload VCF files into the software. 

Follow the Steps to split the VCF into multiple contacts:

  • Step 1: Launch the software after installation
  • Step 2: Add VCF files or Folders in a click
  • Step 3: Press the Convert button to split the vCard file
  • Step 4: Set the splitting setting and hit the OK button.

The application is user-friendly and comes with a coherent GUI, which enables novice users to operate it easily and effortlessly. The application preserves and maintains the folder’s hierarchy and avoids any tampering with it. The tool gives you quick and 100% accurate results.

Stepwise Guide to Divide VCF into Multiple Files 

Follow the steps carefully to run the software: –

  • Start the software to split VCF into multiple contacts.
  • Now add your VCF file to the software using Add file (s) or Add folder (s) options.  With the MacUncle tool Split VCF into Multiple Files on Mac
  • Then click on the VCF file to preview it on the left panel of the software. Now go to the Convert option on the top menu.  Select Required vCard Files to split
  • Now choose the destination path according to your requirements. Enable the check box with the Split vCard button. Choose Split option to divide VCF files on Mac
  • Finally, Press the OK button to proceed.

Finally, you are done with the process. You will receive notifications regarding the successful completion of the process. 

Features of Software to Split VCF into Multiple Files

Here are some regular features of a VCF File Splitter:

  • Splitting Capability: The number one feature is to break massive VCF files into smaller, more possible sections. This is beneficial whilst managing tremendously large files that may be hard to process as an entire.
  • Filtering Options: Allows users to split the vCard contact files using different filter options such as split by each contact, number of contacts, or keywords. 
  • Preservation of Metadata: Ensures that critical metadata associated with variants is retained inside the split files, maintaining information integrity after breaking the vCard files into multiple files.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Offers an intuitive and user-friendly interface or command-line options that permit users to interact with the application effortlessly.

Remember that particular tools might also have additional functions in their competencies based totally on the developer’s layout and intended use instances.

FAQ – vCard Splitter for Mac

Q) Can I split VCF files with a specific number of contacts?

A) Yes, you can divide vCard files by providing a number in the “Number of Contacts per Split”.

Q) How many huge vCard files can be divided using this tool?

A) With the trial version, split the first 5 vCard contact lists and then split more than 5 get to purchase the Pro.

Q) How to split large VCF files using this tool?

A) With the add button, upload vCard files of any size and split them into multiple contacts as per the demand. The toolkit supports all types of VCF files without any restrictions.

Concluding it 

Altogether, the article shows the perfect techniques to Split VCF into multiple files on Mac. The 2-Probable Solutions to do so, the first is the Manual Method which comes with loopholes. To avoid these, we have the perfect tool. The software offers you exotic features and allows you the free conversion of up to 25 VCF files in its trial version. The tool splits VCF into Multiple files on Mac in just a few minutes with 100% results.