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How to Transfer Comcast Folders to Gmail Account ?

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Published On November 2nd, 2023 • 4 min read

Nowadays, Mac users search for different methods to transfer Comcast emails to Gmail accounts. Email migration can be performed with ease using the MacUncle different services. Move all the folders from Comcast to the Google account with all other data such as attached documents. 

Hi, I have been using Comcast for the longest time and had about 1GB of email data including contacts, email messages, and some other data. What I am planning to process is to move some of my important mail to my Gmail account and then delete my current Comcast Mail. Is there any method or a tool to transfer particular emails to a Gmail account?

Other than migration to a Gmail account, Xfinity Comcast Users also seek a solution to export Comcast Email to Outlook Accounts.

Use MacUncle Tool to Transfer Comcast Email to Gmail 

For Mac OS get the application Email Backup. To transfer multiple emails from Comcast to Gmail, the mentioned tool is apt. Import all the folders or selective folders from Xfinity Comcast Webmail to the Google account directly without any conversion procedure. The application is capable of offering a solution with direct migration of emails and contact from one client to another. 

From the link download and install the tool on macOS 10.8 or above editions. No external application is required to perform the migration of data. The tool, itself moves all data into the Gmail account. Now, follow the steps mentioned in the next section. 

What are the Steps to Importing Comcast Email to Gmail?

The following steps will lead to how to operate the application to transfer Comcast Email to a Gmail account on Mac. 

Launch the application and enter the credentials into the required field. Hit the Next button. 

transfer Comcast email to Gmail using the tool mentioned

All the folders/subfolders will display on the tool. Choose the needed Xfinity Comcast email or contacts folder and Gmail as a saving option. 

Choose desired folder

Now, enter Gmail details – Email Address & Password

Select Gmail and enter details

Go to the advanced option to filter the email data and then migrate Comcast to a Gmail account.

Select Filter option to selectively Transfer Comcast email to Gmail

As a final step, click the Start Backup button to initiate the process.

Transfer all selected email folders to Gmail Account from Comcast.

The same steps can be used to import data from Comcast to Yahoo.

Why Users are Shifting to Gmail?

Both email clients are used for communication, what makes the other email service standout is the rich features of the tool. Gmail is the top most common email client with the following benefits:

  • High Security: Google Mail guarantees the protection of email data by offering a backup on the Google platform. The email messages and other data are transmitted through secured encrypted connections. 
  • Storage Space: Gmail generally offers 15GB of storage space for the user with the free plan. Whereas, with different editions, different storage plan comes. Starting from Business Starter 30 GB to Enterprise with unlimited storage space.  
  • Accessibility: Google Mail accounts can be accessed everywhere from anywhere. Regardless of the device, users are free to access email files effortlessly from anywhere.
  • Effortless Search Option: The advanced search option of Gmail has always been on a number for a while. Users can search the emails of different IDs, dates, or with any email components including subject, name, etc. 

There are some of the highlighted features of Gmail Service which tend the Xfinity Comcast users to shift to Google Mail. 

Final Verse

The blog has covered the solution for “Transfer Comcast Email to Gmail”. We have provided the download link with the procedure to operate the application on Mac OS editions. With the blog complete the migration and get the resultant folder in the Gmail account. 

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