How to Transfer Data from iCloud to iCloud in Bulk?

Mark Briggs | December 9th, 2022 | iCloud

Synopsis: Is your iCloud storage capacity running low? Do you wish to move part of its data to another iCloud account to make room? If yes, you should continue reading this useful post. This article has been written for those who don’t know how to transfer data from iCloud to iCloud completely. You must continue scrolling down the page to get your ultimate solution.

How to Migrate iCloud Account to Another iCloud Account?

MacUncle Email Backup Tool is the most sophisticated and all-in-one software to transfer files from iCloud to iCloud. With total data protection, this app enables you to transfer an infinite amount of data from any number of iCloud accounts to another account. It’s an uniquely Mac based application that may be used on any recent version of the OS. It features a basic graphical user interface so that any user without any skill in technical knowledge may use it. We advise you to read through each of the below-listed processes in order to use the tool.

Download for Mac Download for Windows

Note: You may also use the software to Migrate iCloud Emails to Yahoo as well as Office 365 and other accounts.

Step-by-step Procedure to Transfer Data from iCloud to iCloud

  • First; you need to download iCloud to iCloud migration tool on any Mac OS based device. After downloading; you must start the installation according to the terms and conditions. Finally, launch it to transfer iCloud email to another account.
    download icloud to icloud migration tool
  • Once the tool’s window appears; you must provide your iCloud credentials. Enter your iCloud email address and password in the appropriate field.
    enter icloud credentials
  • Now the tool will connect to the account and retrieve all your data. Once all iCloud folders are loaded in the left pane, you need to select them for migration. You must also select iCloud as an export option.
    select icloud as saving option
  • In this step you need to set different filters to migrate the specific data. You can set a date range and other criteria for selective migration. Also provide your other iCloud credentials and finally click Start Backup button to transfer iCloud account to another iCloud account.
    click start backup button to transfer data from icloud to icloud

So, this is how using the app, you may transfer data from iCloud to iCloud. Finally knowing how to utilise the instrument, we advise you to learn the necessity of choosing this particular utility. Some of the characteristics of the gadget are discussed below. In order to understand why this tool is ideal for you, you must look at them.

Learn More About the Best iCloud to iCloud Migration Tool

  • The Most User-Friendly Graphical User Interface: The user interface of this product is one of its strongest points. It is simple to comprehend and simple to utilise. We can promise you that using the tool to transfer data from iCloud to iCloud won’t cause you any problems.
  • Unrestricted Transfer Capabilities: This software to migrate iCloud account to another iCloud account allows for the simultaneous transfer of several iCloud folders. You may effortlessly and swiftly move large amounts of data from iCloud to iCloud using this tool, which has no restrictions.
  • Software that Can be Completely Trusted: This is a sophisticated tool that has undergone considerable testing. Therefore, you may use it with entire trust that it is safe. The correctness of the output matches the accuracy of the source data thanks to the tool that can transfer data from iCloud to iCloud.
  • Data Migration in Full: The software is equipped to transfer all of your data from one iCloud account to another. Emails, attachments, contacts, images, and any other material connected to an iCloud account may all be transferred.
  • Migration that is Selected: The application offers a number of filters that may be used to export data that is Selected. You may pick and choose which folders to send in order to send only the most crucial one, and you can use date ranges to send certain emails.


A kind of software that not only makes it possible to transfer data from iCloud to iCloud but also speeds up the process is the MacUncle Email Backup Wizard Tool. You can transfer a sizable number of iCloud files in bulk with this, which will save you a tonne of time. You may make use of the trial version to learn more about the product. To get full access to the tool, you may buy a licence key. If necessary, it will also let you export iCloud emails to other storage options, like PDF, Thunderbird, Office 365, and others. Instantaneously begin uploading your data after downloading the app.