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Steps toTransfer QQ Mail Data to Gmail Account on Mac OS

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Published On November 9th, 2023 • 4 min read

Today Let’s see how we can directly transfer QQ Mail to Gmail on Mac OS with the help of one of the MacUncle Tools. Here, you will get the tool and the steps on how the tool works. 

We have made the migration of QQ Mail.com to a Gmail account simple with the application Mac Email Backup Software. From this blog, you will get a complete illustration of how the tool operates with a few examples. 

QQ Mail & Gmail 

Tencent QQ (腾讯QQ) or QQ Mail is a Chinese messaging and web portal developed by giant Tencent. QQ Mail works in a similar manner as another email service by providing a platform to send and receive messages from one end to another. It is considered the 5th most used email client. 

On the other hand, Gmail Account is a common and frequent email service used by a large number of people. Due to its high-standard features, Gmail has a vast number of users. Thus, users from variant email clients switch to Gmail accounts to transfer the email data to Google accounts. 

Therefore, out of those, QQ Mail users also want to transfer email data to a Gmail account. So, here we will give the best solution to solve the issue. 

How to Transfer QQ Mail to Gmail on Mac

As above mentioned, tool, the email data from QQ Mail can be migrated to a Gmail account directly. With this tool, transfer multiple email messages and other data without any hassle. Why use any lengthy technical procedure, when you can move the files directly to Gmail without even signing in to the account? 

The utility offers a different saving option in order to download or migrate QQ Mail as per the user’s request. We will give the complete steps to run the tool with the figure. 

Find Out How the Tool Migrates QQ Emails to Gmail Accounts

From the download link, get the tool and install it on any Mac OS version above 10.8 Mountain Lion. Then, simply follow the steps if required. 

  • Step 1. Select QQ Mail from Email Source and enter the Email credentials to the field given – Email Address & Password. Press the Login button. Get the tool to Transfer QQ Mail to Gmail on Mac
  • Step 2. Then, the tool loads all the folders on QQ Mail to the Email Files sections. Select the desired folder/subfolder and further go to the next step. Select QQ Mail folder for migration
  • Step 3. Now, from the Select Saving option, choose the Gmail option or IMAP option as shown in the figure. Enter all the required fields. Choose the desired option
  • Step 4. Click on the filter option for selective QQ Mail to Gmail migration on Mac OS. Again, Go back to the Backup option. Selective QQ Mail to Gmail Migration

    There you go. All the selected QQ Mail emails are now imported to the Google account. Open Gmail and there you will find a folder with QQ Mail data.

    Outstanding Traits of the Tool

    Here we will discuss what makes the tool worth having. Know about the application before purchasing the professional version.

    • Simple Tool with advanced features: From the steps, it is clear that the process is simple. Not only the tool give a straightforward solution but also a tool with quality features. The whole process can be done by a computer novice to an expert. 
    • No extra application installation required: While using the tool, MacUncle does not need any external application installation or support to transfer files successfully. Neither QQ Mail installation is required nor the need to access the Gmail account.
    • Bulk QQ Emails to Gmail Migration: Users can select any folder from the application panel. Choose single or multiple files and proceed with the process. Either migration of a few or bulk QQ Mail data, the solution is instant with 100% accuracy.

    Bottom Line

    In conclusion, the writer has derived the solution to “transfer QQ Mail to Gmail on Mac”. With the help of the mentioned solution, migration is possible without any prerequisites. Try the demo version, transfer some of the most important email files or folders, and then later upgrade the utility to its Pro version. 

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q) How to transfer only some selected folders from QQ to Gmail accounts?

    A) Use the recommended software and choose the folders from the QQ mail client. And follow the steps to add QQ emails to Gmail accounts.

    Q) Is it possible to transfer emails from the old QQ email account?

    A) Yes. Just enter the  QQ email credentials to the required field and the software will start to move the emails from one account to another.