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How to Migrate Emails from Earthlink to Mac Mail Account?

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Published On September 28th, 2023 • 3 min read
Today, let’s learn how to Add Earthlink Email to Mac Mail account on an Apple computer. Since the method is simple all users can follow the procedures. Before that, have a look at the query we recently received from our customer. 

“Hi, I am here to find out if there is any product that will let me download emails from Earthlink to Apple Mail. As I have been an Earthlink user for the largest amount of time, now I wish to move the emails to Mac Mail. Please suggest a quick & direct way to perform.”

Just like this user, we all search for a method that lets us transfer emails directly without any conversions. Therefore, MacUncle has the software Email Backup Tool to migrate emails from one client to another. Get detailed information.     

More About the Tool to Add Earthlink Email to Mac Mail

The suggested application is an in-one independent utility to migrate emails and other data from Earthlink to Apple Mail. It is an instant method to add emails without going through any conversion of email data. All email folders such as Inbox, Sent, Draft, etc. can be added to Apple Mail. 

Also, get the steps to add Earthlink Emails to Mac Mail.

Demo Edition: Test the free trial version to know the working and the features of the application. The trial version will let the user transfer 25 emails from Earthlink without any restriction. One can use this to test the application before purchasing the professional version of the tool. 

Working Procedure of the Tool

Download the utility from the above-given link and set the application on macOS version 10.8. Now, follow the steps, 

  • Start the tool and choose Earthlink from Email Source.
Start the MacUncle to Add Earthlink Email to Mac Mail
  • Enter the Earthlink Account credentials i.e., Email Address & Password. After that, press the login button to proceed. 
Enter Earthlink Account Credentials
  • As a result, all the folders of the Earthlink account will be displayed on the left panel of the application.
  • From there, the user is free to choose the desired folder. 
Choose the Earthlink folder
  • Now, go to the Select Saving option and choose IMAP. Enter the Apple Mail details and IMAP details in the required fields. 
Enter IMAP and Mac Mail credentials
  • To migrate only the required emails from a particular Subject, Email ID, Date, etc. use the filter option. 
Filter options
  • As a final step, press the Start Backup option. 


The write-up has pointed out all the important details of adding Earthlink Email to Mac Mail. Use the application and move multiple files to Apple Mail along with the attached documents. Without the aid of any other service download all emails to Apple Mail. 

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Get 24*7 MacUncle Support for any issue related to Email on Mac OS. 

Frequently Asked Question

Do I need to sign in to Earthlink before starting with the tool?

No, there is no such requirement to use the application.

I have not used my Earthlink account for so long. I only want some of the email addresses from Earthlink, as they are some important IDs. Will I be able to download the address using this tool?

To save or extract email addresses from Earthlink, use our Email Address Extractor Mac Application.

Can I migrate only the inbox folder from Earthlink to Mac Mail?

Yes, before proceeding with the migration choose the Inbox folder and then, start transferring email files.