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How to Transfer EarthLink Emails to Gmail Account ?

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Published On January 5th, 2024 • 4 min read

The write-up will offer a complete solution for Apple users to transfer Earthlink to Gmail. We have included the procedure and the alternative solution for Windows users too. Read the article to find out the solution.

There are different reasons why users want to switch from Earthlink webmail to a Gmail account. Else, backup Earthlink emails, contacts, etc. to a Google mail account. Let’s proceed with a user query: –

Hi, I used Earthlink account for over 5 years. I transferred all data and emails, both personal and professional emails, through Earthlink, and I haven’t used the account for a while. Now, I plan to transfer all the emails with contacts and other data to my new Gmail account. Is there any direct approach to transfer complete Earthlink emails to Gmail account?

If you are also here with a similar issue, then you are at the right place. We intend to help all users from naïve to expertise.

Transfer Earthlink to Gmail with Expertise Method

Although migration of emails from one account to another is daunting and time-consuming. However, it would be simple if you choose the right application. Get the Email Backup Software, and transfer Earthlink emails to a Gmail account within the tool itself. Go to the Email source and select Earthlink then follow the steps mentioned. Further, proceed with the steps to move all Earthlink to Google Mail.

Try out the Demo version of the application,

Step to Forward Earthlink to Gmail Directly

The procedure is straightforward to transfer Earthlink to Gmail on Mac and can be completed without any hassle. Download and install the tool and perform the below steps:

  • Step 1. Select Earthlink from Email Source and Enter the Earthlink Account details: Email address and Password. Then, press the Login button.Use the tool to transfer Earthlink to Gmail on Mac
  • Step 3. Now, choose the Gmail option from the Select Saving optionChoose Gmail option to migrate Earthlink Emails
  • Step 4. Soon the tool will give a field to enter your Gmail Email address and password. (Go to Gmail setting if you face any obstacles**)Enter Gmail Credentials
  • Step 5. Go to Filter Option for selective migration of Earthlink to Gmail account.Filter option to transfer Earthlink to Gmail on Mac

    That’s it. Now open a Gmail account to find out the transferred Earthlink emails.

    Some More Details

    In conclusion, We have discussed the query and the solution to the query. From the article, you will get the complete procedure and the download link to get the tool. Transfer Earthlink to Gmail on Mac directly from the tool itself. You can also save your Earthlink account to different email formats or import it to another email client effortlessly with the tool.

    We will come up with new updates and solutions to all issues related to Email migration, backup, etc.

    FAQ – Earthlink to Gmail Migration on Mac

    Q1) Do I need to open my Earthlink account while operating the tool?

    A1) No, there is no need for any external support to work on the Earthlink to Gmail Migration Tool.

    Q2) Can I transfer all my emails with the attached document?

    A2) Yes. All email files can be transferred from Earthlink to Gmail. Get the professional version to get complete emails in your Gmail account.

    Q3) I only want Earthlink emails from specific dates. Does the tool provide an option for the same?

    A3) Yes, go to the Filter option and enter a certain date in the Date Range field.