Add iCloud Email to Thunderbird On Mac Devices

Mark Briggs | December 7th, 2022 | iCloud

Synopsis: While the majority of consumers use cloud computing to manage and exchange their data, some users prefer system-based email clients. Many iCloud customers would want to convert to Thunderbird but are unable to do so owing to a lack of understanding on how to do so. As a result, if you are one of the people who are unsure how to add iCloud email to Thunderbird, we recommend reading this full post.

Even though users have the option to switch to any email client from iCloud, they typically choose Thunderbird. The reason for this is straightforward: Thunderbird has several special benefits that no other email client can match. To better understand Thunderbird, we advise you to read some of its benefits.

The Benefits of Using Thunderbird to Store iCloud Data

  1. For navigation, the user can open numerous tabs.
  2. Easily accommodate several email clients that support various protocols such as IMAP, POP3, and SMTP.
  3. By hitting the “A” button, you may quickly and easily archive emails.
  4. Simple email management Emails may be quickly searched, filtered, tagged, and viewed.
  5. Users can utilize a variety of extensions that are designed to be helpful.
  6. Email security includes spam filters, a firewall, and antivirus software.
  7. Mozilla Thunderbird is quite dependable and has a large variety of plugins.
  8. Design consistency with increased flexibility.

How to Add iCloud Email to Thunderbird?

The MacUncle Email Backup Wizard is one of the finest methods to add iCloud to Thunderbird email. This app can connect to an iCloud account and transmit its data to a Thunderbird account. Aside from email and files, the app may import contacts from iCloud to Thunderbird. It is safe, simple to use, and effective. It only takes a few steps to download the iCloud email to Thunderbird. To understand how the tool works, go through the complete step-by-step method outlined below.

Download for Mac Download for Windows

Complete instructions for adding iCloud contacts and email to Thunderbird

  • Before you may import contacts from iCloud to Thunderbird, you must download, install, and execute the iCloud to Thunderbird conversion software on your Mac.
    download icloud to thunderbird migration tool
  • The tool won’t sync with your iCloud account until you provide your password and iCloud email address.
    enter icloud credentials
  • You must choose each iCloud folder for migration after importing them all into the application, and then choose MBOX as the saving format.

select mbox as saving option to transfer icloud email to thunderbird

  • To accomplish selective migration, a variety of filters, such as migration from a certain time period, can be employed. Select the “Start Email Backup” option to add iCloud email to Thunderbird.
    click start backup button to add icloud email to thunderbird

Now that you know how to use the software to add iCloud to Thunderbird email, you should understand why you should use it. To assist you in understanding the application better, we have explained several of its features. So go through them one by the time.

Learn More About the iCloud to Thunderbird Migration Tool

  • Simple to Use: The software to download contacts from iCloud to Thunderbird is quite easy to use. It is created with the most basic graphical user interface so that even non-technical users may utilize it.
  • Add iCloud Email to Thunderbird in Bulk: Use this tool when you have a limitless amount of data to transmit. With the tool, you may import a large number of iCloud folders to your Thunderbird account at the same time without encountering any problems.
  • Transfer General Data: The application has the ability to move all general data related to your iCloud account. iCloud email, attachments, contacts, and other items may all be transferred at once.
  • Compatibility with Operating Systems: The utility is fully functional on Mac devices. On Mac OS 10.8 Mountain Lion and later versions, you may download iCloud email to Thunderbird.
  • Filters: The tool has a variety of powerful filters that allow you to get the desired result. To move emails selectively, you may specify a date range. Specify start and end dates to transfer emails just from that time period. Email fields can also be used to redirect emails sent to certain addresses.


We offered you a great way to add iCloud email to Thunderbird. The proposed iCloud to Thunderbird Migration Tool is perfect for you. In addition to the email, the software can also import contacts from iCloud to Thunderbird. It is an all-in-one tool that, in addition to the Thunderbird, can also transfer iCloud data on PST, Office 365, and other saving options. You can download the tool from the link above and start data transfer immediately.