Migrate iCloud to Office 365 With All Contacts, Calendar Information

Mark Briggs | November 4th, 2022 | iCloud

Overview: It would be best for you to read this post if you wish to migrate iCloud to Office 365. It has one of the most incredible and straightforward processes for migrating contacts, calendar events, and email attachments from iCloud to an office 365 account. Therefore, it is best to scroll down the page to find your ideal answer.

Advantages of Office 365 Over iCloud

  1. Your communications, events, and contact info are automatically synchronized with Office 365 for Business, enabling you to access the most current editions from any device. Furthermore, you may personalize each email by establishing a unique format, incorporating graphics, and utilizing your own domain name, as well as saving all of the messages you need to have on board over 100 GB of storage.
  2. Office 365 for Business’s streamlined admin area permits you to create new user addresses, recover deleted accounts, build custom scripts, and much more from any place. To keep your valuable data safe and secure, business anti-malware protection and anti-spam filtration may help safeguard your organization and its employees from mail threats like phishing attempts.

How to Migrate iCloud to Office 365?

The MacUncle Email Backup Wizard is the easiest way to migrate from iCloud to Office 365. The software is designed particularly to tackle iCloud mail issues by transferring data to several alternatives. The tool is compatible with Mac OS and allows you to transfer all of your data, including contacts and calendars. It leads you through the process of transferring emails from iCloud to Office 365 in a few easy steps. We recommend that you investigate the process to assess its effectiveness. It can be to transfer data from iCloud to iCloud.

Download for Mac Download for Windows

Step-by-step Guide to Transfer iCloud to Office 365

  • The iCloud to Office 365 migration tool must be downloaded and installed. After that, you must run it on your Mac before you can move all iPhone contacts from iCloud to Office 365.
    download icloud to office 365 migration tool
  • You must input your iCloud email address and password for the tool to sync with your iCloud account.
    input icloud credentials
  • After importing all of your iCloud folders into the software, you must choose each one for migration and then select IMAP as the saving option.
    select saving option
  • Various filters, such as migration from a specific time period, can be used to achieve selective migration. To start the backup process after inputting your iCloud credentials, select “Start Email Backup.”
    click start backup button to migrate icloud to office 365

See how simple it is to migrate iCloud to Office 365 using the suggested expert technique. Let’s now talk about some additional benefits of the iCloud Email to Yahoo migration tool. To help you become comfortable with the tool, we’ve highlighted several of its most important features. Also, check out the article on migrating contacts and calendars from iCloud to Office 365

Find Some Traits of the iCloud to Office 365 Migration Tool

  • Migrate iCloud to Office 365 in Bulk: The tool was designed primarily for bulk migration. Its primary purpose is to save you time, especially while dealing with massive amounts of data. It enables you for migrating contacts and calendars from iCloud to O365 in bulk without issues.
  • Migrate Overall Data: If you wish to migrate not only your iCloud emails but also your whole data set, this application is ideal for you. Using the tool, you may export contacts from iCloud to Office 365 as well as your iCloud calendar and other attributes.
  • Selective Migration: You are not required to migrate all iCloud folders to Office 365 if you do not choose to do so. When you add an account to the tool, it will load all of your iCloud-linked folders. After that, you can deselect any mailboxes that you believe are unnecessary to move.
  • Operating System Compatibility: The utility is completely usable on Mac devices. You may migrate from iCloud to Office 365 on Mac OS 10.8 Mountain Lion and all the latest versions.
  • Sophisticated Filters: The tool has a number of advanced filters that allow you to obtain the required result. You may use a date range to migrate emails selectively. You may enter start and end dates to move emails exclusively from that time period. Email fields can also be used to move emails from certain addresses.


We’ve made it simple for you to migrate iCloud to Office 365. The iCloud email to Office 365 transfer tool facilitates the procedure. It’s easy to use and full of valuable features. It also offers a demo version that you may use to discover more about it. As a consequence, if you want to migrating contacts and calendars from iCloud to Office 365 in the easiest way possible, you must utilize the software.