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How to Export iCloud Contacts to CSV Formats?

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Published On May 10th, 2024 • 6 min read

Contacts play a very important role in every field you get into, without these, communication would be nil. Thus, if you have a large set of contacts stored in your iCloud and want that to be viewed or accessed in other applications, then follow this article. You will get the right solution to export iCloud contacts to CSV format.

Businesses need a CSV format to ease their communication with clients. So, you can easily communicate through Excel sheets to your clients. CSV format is one of the reliable and trusted formats if you want to get iCloud contacts to CSV. You can blindly trust the solution and go for it easily. 

This article explains and gives you the right solutions to export iCloud contacts to CSV. Users can get the probable solution to do, the Exotic & Ultimate Tool is right here for you. Follow the guide to store iCloud contacts in CSV Excel file format effortlessly. 

Why CSV Format? 

There are various reasons why people prefer using CSV format over any other formats available. The top reason is as the format is easily accessible in most of the other applications. Therefore, users might want it due to this. 

Here are the major benefits of choosing CSV over others: –

  • The CSV format can easily be shared across different platforms as this format is usually written in text format. 
  • The format could be created very easily without taking much time, you can even create using any text editor available. 
  • The *.csv format is easy to read and comprehend you can effortlessly manipulate it also. 
  • The compactness of the CSV format is the major benefit users get. 
  • Big corporations use it very often to communicate with their clients, customers, etc. 

Thus, choosing CSV format is the Smartest decision for the users according to us in this technological world; because it eases down your work. 

How to Effortlessly Export iCloud contacts to CSV?

There are various other methods you can use to download iCloud contacts to CSV. However, the manual method does not directly convert iCloud contacts to *.csv. You have to first convert it into *.vcf or vCard and then to *.csv extension. Thus, it’s a very long procedure to follow. To overcome the limitations of the manual method, download vCard Contacts Converter. As iCloud contacts support VCF file format to store the contacts you have to convert the contact file to CSV. 

The software easily and effortlessly converts .vcf files to CSV in just a few minutes. You can save your resultant files as per your choice, may it be in the document format or email file format, thus the choice is yours. The tool supports all the latest versions of the VCF file. Also, supports all types of vCard files including iCloud, Skype, Google Contacts, etc. The toolkit is user-friendly and has a coherent GUI which enables users even from non-technical backgrounds to operate on it effortlessly. 

How to Convert iCloud Contacts to CSV

The process to export contacts from the iCloud account is simple whereas users have to save the contacts from iCloud to VCF

#Step 1. Save iCloud Contact List to vCard format

  • Start and enter to iCloud account.
  • Choose the Contact Icon and all the iCloud contact list appears on the screen.
  • Now, click on the setting button to get a new menu. From there choose select All, and later press Export vCard.
Export iCloud Contacts to VCF
  • Then, it will automatically download the contacts in VCF formats.

Now follow the instructions given below to Export iCloud Contacts to CSV format on the system.

#Step 2 Convert vCard Contacts from iCloud to CSV Format

Follow the below-mentioned steps to easily convert iCloud contacts to CSV format easily: –

  • Start the software and follow the steps to export iCloud contacts to CSV.
  • Add vCard files you wish to convert to *.csv using the Add folder (s) or Add file (s) options
Export iCloud Contacts to CSV with the help of MacUncle
  • Then click on the vCard file present on the left panel of the tool and preview it
Add vCard file to the application
  • Secondly, Now go to the Convert option given on the top menu of the utility. 
  • Then choose the desired destination path of the resultant file. 
  • Then select the CSV option from the Convert to Other Format.
convert the vCard contacts from iCloud account to CSV
  • Finally, press the OK button

In just a few minutes you will receive notifications regarding the successful completion of the conversion. 

Significant Traits of the Software to Export iCloud Contacts to CSV

The tool offers exotic features and you can also be a part of it. Here are some of the major traits of the software: –

  • Effortless Way: The software offers you a smooth and effortless solution to export iCloud contacts to CSV. The tool gives you the result more quickly and efficiently. 
  • Saving options: The software saves the CSV files in two formats: –
    • Email format– CSV, HTML, XPS
    • Document format– DOC, TXT, PDF
  • Supportability: It supports all the latest versions of the vCard file like vCard 2.1, vCard 3.0, vCard 4.0, etc. 
  • Batch & Selective options: The toolkit provides you dual-mode to upload vCard files either in bulk option or you can go for the Filter option in case of selective. 
  • Preserves & Maintains: The tool preserves and maintains your folder’s hierarchy and prevents your data from any loss. 
  • Compatibility: The software supports all the latest versions of Mac OS like 10.9 Mavericks, 10.8 Mountain Lion, 10.13 High Sierra, 10.12 Sierra, etc.

Bottom Lines

In conclusion, the article winds up with the perfect software which you can use to export iCloud contacts to CSV. The tool offers exotic and rich features which include the latest versions of vCard files to convert them into CSV. The converter tool also offers free conversion of up to 25 vCard files to CSV in its trial version. The tool guarantees 100% safety and security.