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Convert vCard to CSV Format on Mac OS – Quick Method

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Published On March 12th, 2024 • 6 min read

The article is all about the solution for “convert vCard to CSV Mac”. We have developed a secured independent application to convert the vCard (Virtual Contact Files) files to CSV (Comma-separated Values) files. Both vCard and CSV formatted files are used to store contact information. 

Now learn more about vCard and CSV files, 

VCF or vCard files store information consisting of Name, Phone Number, Address, email address, etc. You can Open vCard files on Mac using any Contact application. There a different versions of vCard files such as vCard 2.1 for Mobile devices and the 3.0 vCard version for Webmail and cloud servers. 

On the other hand, CSV files are plain text file formats with contact or information data separated by a comma. CSV files can be accessed with an Excel sheet and it is the most commonly used file extension to store contacts and transfer contacts between email services. 

Why You Should Convert vCard to CSV on Mac 

In this section, let’s go through some of the major factors of the CSV files which implies the reasons to convert VCF files to CSV format on Mac OS. 

  • It is always mandatory to save all the contacts as backups and store them in a format that can be accessed or transferred easily without any restriction. 
  • CSV files are in text format and therefore they can be easily edited using any text editor.
  • The CSV files are easy to manage and it is better for organizing a large amount of data.

Use Google Contacts to Switch VCF to CSV Format 

Follow the steps mentioned here to manually change the vCard contacts files to CSV. 

  • Go to https://contacts.google.com/
  • Sign in to the account
  • Under the Fix and Manage section, navigate to Import. 

    import VCF files

  • Go to Select File and add the VCF files. Click Import.
  • To Export the files go to the Export icon as shown in the figure. 

    Go to Export button

  • Now choose the contacts you just imported. 
  • Select the file format as Google or Outlook CSV format. Click Export

    choose a desired csv option

Convert vCard to CSV Using a Reliable Application

The vCard Converter is the tool to convert VCF files to CSV format with multiple contact lists. I am using the application to export the vCard files to Excel CSV format by maintaining the data integrity intact. It supports all types of VCF files and efficiently switches the file format to CSV by maintaining data integrity. 

vCard to CSV tool has multiple functionalities and also follows an advanced algorithm to change the file extension. It delivers 100% secured and accurate results in *.csv format. 

Steps to Change VCF Contacts to CSV 

Follow the steps to convert VCF to CSV format with the MacUncle toolkit.

  • Start by adding a vCard file using Add File(s) or Add Folder(s). Press the Next button.
    Convert vCard to CSV Mac using MacUncle vCard to CSV Converter
  • From the scanned files choose a required file and preview the vCard contact file on vCard Contact Details.
    Tool displays all vCard Files
  • Then, go to the Convert option and click on Converts to Other Format. Choose CSV format.
    Choose CSV format to convert VCF to CSV on Mac
  • Finally, click the OK button to start the conversion process. 
  • In no time, the folder with the *.csv file will open up instantly. 
    Get resultant CSV Files on Preferred Location

The conversion using the application is simple and offers accurate results in another file format. From the steps, it is clear that Convert vCard to CSV Mac even if you are a computer novice. 

Trial and Pro Version

The application has two different versions, the Trial and Pro version. The trial version is a testing edition of the tool which gives you a complete overview of the application’s working. Convert 10 VCF files to CSV format without any limitations along with all the features. 

Moreover, one can activate the Pro edition by using the above link. Upgrade the converter toolkit and export multiple contacts in vCard format to CSV without any restriction to the process. 

Significant Features of Tool to Convert vCard to CSV on Mac

Along with the user-friendly software GUI, the tool also possesses some advanced features while converting VCF to CSV format. What makes the application stand out from the rest of the online services?

  • Support Multiple File Conversion: Using the tool convert single or multiple vCard files to CSV format. Add files via the Add File(s) or Add Folder(s) button and export bulk vCard files to Excel without any limitations.  
  • Preview vCard File: Before the conversion begins, the user can view the vCard contact files in the reading panel. In the vCard contact details get complete information such as Email Address, Full Name, Company, and Phone Number. 
  • Freedom to Choose Location: Also choose the preferred destination location to save the converted vCard contact files in CSV format. Browse the saving path and select an appropriate location. Wherever the location is the tool opens up the folder with the resultant file post the conversion. 
  • Get other Options too: The tool comes with other features such as Split vCard Filer: to divide large vCard files based on each contact, several contacts, and keywords. Merge Multiple VCF files into a single file. Also, convert the VCF version to 2.1 and 3.0. 

FAQ – vCard to CSV Conversion Tool

Q1) Can I run this tool on my MacBook OS X 10.14?

A1) Yes, the tool operated smoothly on all the OS versions above 10.8 Mountain Lion. 

Q2) I’ve got a large vCard file with more than 2,000 contact lists. I want to convert the file and also need a separate file with a preferred number of contacts in each CS V file. Does the tool have the option to split the files?

A2) Yes, Divide the vCard file using the option “Split vCard Option”. Enable split VCF file to multiple contacts. And then later convert the divided VCF files to CSV format using “Convert to Other Format”.

Q3) Does the tool preview the VCF file before conversion?

A3) Yes, click the vCard Contact Details, soon the tool will display all the details of contact files. Click on the vCard file to learn more information about the application.


In conclusion, the article has all the details of the tool to convert vCard to CSV Mac. With the capabilities of the automated tool, we can easily convert vCard to CSV without any complex procedure. Follow the steps to change any version of VCF files. Test the tool before purchasing or go straight for the professional version. Using this method change multiple *.vcf extensions to *.csv format. Carry out the steps mentioned here without any hassle.