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Add Office 365 to Thunderbird With All Attachments and Other Data

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Published On April 11th, 2023 • 7 min read

Thunderbird is a free email software that is not as expensive as Outlook 365. Transferring emails from Office 365 to Thunderbird not only saves you money but also provides you with other advantages. The only goal of this essay is to show you how to add Office 365 to Thunderbird in the most convenient and straightforward manner possible. Continue reading if you now need to transfer between accounts and you wish to discover how.

Some Key Advantages of Using Thunderbird

  • Thunderbird supports IMAP, POP3, and SMTP protocols, allowing it to work with a variety of email clients.
  • It is dependable and has a large variety of extensions, add-ons, and plugins accessible.
  • Users may send huge files thanks to the integration with iCloud for Mozilla.
  • Navigation via multiple tabs;
  • For efficient email handling, use the quick search, filters, tags, and email views.
  • The “A” button allows for quick and easy archiving, as well as spam filters, a firewall, and antivirus protection.

So, these are some of the benefits of integrating Office 365 with Thunderbird. Now, in order to assist you in completing the task, we have provided both manual and automatic approaches below. Examine both of them and choose the one that provides the most value to you.

A Manual Way to Add Office 365 Account in Thunderbird

  • To begin the configuring process, launch Thunderbird on your Windows machine.
  • Navigate to the Tools After that, click Account Settings from the Tools menu that opens.
  • Within the Thunderbird interface, a new Account Settings page appears. Now, select Account Actions from the drop-down. Then, from the resulting list, pick the Add Mail.
  • A new Mail Account Setup screen appears; enter the name, Office 365 credentials in the appropriate areas, and then click Continue to begin adding the Office 365 to Thunderbird.
  • If you simply click the Done button, you will undoubtedly receive an error. So, first, select the Manual Configure
  • On the screen, a new Mail Account Setup page appears. You must now include the following information in the respective boxes:

Incoming: IMAP | outlook.office365.com | 993 |

Outgoing: SMTP | outlook.office365.com | 587 |

  • After entering the correct setup information, click the Re-test. After that, press the Done button.

The process of adding an Office 365 account to Thunderbird begins. Now, simply wait for the process to finish. If you wish to see a folder other than Inbox and Trash, right-click on the Office 365 ID in the left panel. To view other O365 folders, click the Subscribe button.

So, that’s how you manually add Office 365 to Thunderbird, which appears to be a lot more complicated and technical. We have included several considerations below that you should keep in mind when using the manual approach.

Things to Consider When Using the Manual Approach

  • The manual approach of adding Outlook 365 to Thunderbird is time consuming.
  • Manually configuring Office to Thunderbird requires technical skills.
  • There is no option to add only specific folders to Thunderbird.
  • If you skip any steps, you may have to restart the process from the beginning.

If the manual method is not suitable for you, you should consider the following solution, which may easily overcome the manual process constraint and provides simple steps to migrate Office 365 to Thunderbird.

Quick Steps to Add Office 365 to Thunderbird

  • Download, install and start the software
  • Add Office 365 account into the software.
  • Select Thunderbird as the saving option.
  • select target location and then click save.

Add Office 365 Mail to Thunderbird with Top Method

You may be capable of exporting mailboxes from Office 365 to Thunderbird with the use of the highly regarded and secure Office 365 Mail Backup solution. To transfer any or all Office 365 folders instantly, you only need to enter your login information. Throughout the migration process, there is very little user input required because the software is totally automated. To find out what you need to do when using the application to add Office 365 account to Thunderbird, we advise that you read the comprehensive instructions provided below.

Download for Mac Download for Windows

Step-by-step Guide to Connect Office 365 to Thunderbird

  • Begin by downloading the O365 to Thunderbird Migration tool for your Mac. After the installation is complete, launch the software to import the “sent” mailbox from Office 365 to Thunderbird.
    Enter Office 365 ID to add Office 365 to Thunderbird
  • When the application’s window eventually appears, enter your Office 365 username and password in the fields given.
    Enter Office 365 account ID
  • When the Office 365 folders appear in the tool’s left pane, you may select them to export. Furthermore, choose MBOX as the saving option in order to add Office 365 emails to Thunderbird.
    Select MBOX or Thunderbird from the list
  • Now, select a good location for the resulting files and configure filters to get desired results before clicking the Start Backup button to add Office 365 to Thunderbird.
    Use filter to selectively add office 365 to thunderbird
  • The data migration from Outlook 365 and toward Thunderbird will begin. You will be notified in a few minutes confirming that the data migration has been finished completely.
    choose a location to store the final result

Once you have exported Office 365 emails to MBOX, you may manually import them into Thunderbird. You may discover the steps below to manually import MBOX files to Thunderbird account.

Steps to Import Office 365 Exported MBOX Files to Thunderbird

  1. First of all; you have to open your Thunderbird email client.
  2. Then, click once on Local Folders.
  3. From the menu bar, select Tools>ImportExportTools NG>Import mbox file.
  4. Choose the import way, click OK.
  5. Now, you must select the MBOX file.
  6. The MBOX will appear under Thunderbird’s local folders.

This is the way you can transfer emails from O365 to Thunderbird using the tools provided. We now want to give you a bit more information regarding the tool. The following are some of the tool’s characteristics. Examine each one to gain a better understanding of the tool’s potential.

Discover Some Traits of the Microsoft 365 to Thunderbird Export Tool

  • Add Office 365 to Thunderbird in Bulk: The tool’s goal is to assist you to save time despite a large amount of data you wish to export. It allows you to transfer emails from O365 to Thunderbird in bulk without any problems. There will be no constraints encountered while transporting the enormous volume of data.
  • Simple Graphical User Interface: The application is very easy to use. Nothing intricate about the software can ever cause you to feel discomfort. Even when using it for the first time, you can do it alone.
  • Advanced Filters: If you don’t want to transfer the entire Office 365 email, you can transmit only a specific one. The app offers you tonnes of advanced filters to send specific emails or attachments. By filtering the email field or the time duration, you can send specific emails.
  • Explore Location: The software to import Office 365 to Thunderbird allows you to browse and choose where to save the resulting files. Your generated files will not be saved in the download folders or the pre-determined location given by the tool.
  • Device Compatibility: The application is compatible with all MAC OS devices. On Mac OS 10.10 Yosemite, 10.9 Mavericks, and 10.8 Mountain Lion, for example, you can add Office 365 to Thunderbird.


It is now incredibly simple to connect O365 to Thunderbird. We have provided you with both manual and automated options for data transfer. The O365 to Mozilla Thunderbird transfer tool is sophisticated but simple to use. It includes numerous functions that can help you do your tasks more quickly. You may acquire the program by clicking the download button above and start to add Office 365 to Thunderbird right now. We must also mention that when you download the tool you will initially be presented with the free version.