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Best Method to Add Yahoo Mail to Thunderbird on Mac

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Published On May 31st, 2023 • 5 min read

Although the manual way comes with certain limitations we will explain the Methods in detail with limitations and benefits. Before starting we must know why people wish to move to Thunderbird. I will list down some disadvantages of using Yahoo Mail and the advantages of Mozilla Thunderbird.

Yahoo Mail is widely used by many users to exchange emails. But recently due to a few updates launched by Yahoo people start facing issues with its oversized mailboxes, frequent outages of Yahoo might cause data loss, etc. There are many users’ queries related to Yahoo Mail such as – Import Yahoo Mail to iCloud, backup Yahoo Mail Account, etc.

Reasons Why You Should Add Yahoo Mail to Thunderbird

There might be distinctive reasons why Yahoo users move emails to Thunderbird accounts. The listed are the common grounds for downloading Yahoo emails to Thunderbird profile.

  1. Due to its recent updates, Yahoo Mailbox size continuously tends to increase due to which users face problems managing this amount of data. 
  2. Yahoo upgraded its features which are too technical to operate by non-technical users thus creating problems there. 
  3. User cannot access their emails in the offline mode they need fast and strong internet connectivity. 

And let’s discuss some standout features of Mozilla Thunderbird

  • File Format: It supports the standard file format i.e., MBOX, one file constituting many emails, and Maildir file format. 
  • Spam Filtering: This Email service provides different categories of Spam folders dividing your emails accordingly. 
  • Effective: It offers you great speed with an efficient file managing system to store your data. 

How to Download Yahoo Emails to Thunderbird using the IMAP option

For a direct solution to transfer Yahoo emails to Thunderbird go to Automated Solution

  1. Open Mozilla Thunderbird on your Mac System.
  2. Under Create a new account tab, select the Email option. 
  3. A dialogue box will then appear displaying Welcome to Thunderbird. Tap on Skip this and use my existing email option. Now enter the required credentials to log in and then hit the Continue button. 
  4. Now select the IMAP option, under the Manual Configuration Option, enter these server settings
  • Incoming Mail Server-imap.mail.Yahoo.com
  • Outgoing Mail Server– smtp.mail.Yahoo.com
  • Incoming Port-993 with SSL
  • Outgoing Port– 465 with SSL or port 587 either with SSL or TLS

Hit on the ReTest option and tap on the Done button to start configuring Yahoo Mail to Thunderbird. 

The major concerns of this method are that it consumes a lot of your time and non-technical users can face difficulty following this procedure.

Automated Solution to Add Yahoo Mail to Thunderbird

We would recommend you use the mentioned application, which backup/imports Yahoo emails to Thunderbird directly without too much technicality. You can import emails from Yahoo to Thunderbird on macOS with attachments while it allows you to move or import Yahoo Mails without any limit. It supports both a selective and batch backup of Yahoo mails you can select a particular file or you can opt for multiple files at once. 

Here are some breakthrough features:

  • The application provides you with a wholesome solution to transfer Yahoo Mail to Thunderbird with attachments in a perfect manner. 
  • It preserves the framework of the Mail asset including attachments, To, CC, BCC, etc. 
  • Provides a dual option of Selective and thus transfers email files in bulk to Thunderbird profile. 
  • It comes with different naming options and allows you to save with a variety of file formats including HTML, EMLX, PDF, DOC, etc. 

How to Run the Application – Complete Guide

Step 1. Start the tool on your Mac System.

start the tool to add Yahoo Mail to Thunderbird on Mac

Step 2. Now enter the Yahoo Account Address & Password on the panel provided. 

Enter Yahoo Account Details

Step 3. Select the folder and now choose Thunderbird Option from the Select Saving option

Choose Thunderbird from Select Saving Option

Step 4. The next tab allows you to choose Filter Option to add Yahoo Mail of a particular date & Export selective folders.

Filter option for Selectively download Yahoo mail to Thunderbird

Step 5. The tool automatically fetches the Thunderbird profile location. Then, click Start Backup as a final step.

Tool detect the default location of Thunderbird

Now Open Thunderbird Account. Go to Local Folder and right-click and select Settings. From there open the converted Email files and import Yahoo Mail to Thunderbird.

Add Yahoo Mail to Thunderbird on Mac process completes

That’s it, from these steps, it is clear that the solution to transfer folders from Yahoo to Thunderbird on Mac Machine can be carried out effortlessly.

To Wrap-Up

In the following write-up, we have given the outline to add Yahoo Mail to Thunderbird using Dual methods, one was the Manual method using the IMAP method and the second method was an automated solution using a tool. The application provides an easy and efficient method to import a Yahoo Mail account to Thunderbird, this comes with exotic features including selective or bulk importing of emails to Thunderbird. Thus also guaranteeing 100% safety and security. 

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