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Zoho Mail to Outlook 365 Migration Tool | Get the Complete Guide

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Published On August 17th, 2023 • 4 min read

We use different email clients as per their choice and requirements, many would choose Gmail, and some would prefer Office 365. Most people use Zoho for their professional or personal work. But at some point, while using the email client they need to Add Zoho Mail to Outlook 365 on Mac due to various reasons. The major one includes a lack of multiple tasking of the email client or the absence of advanced features in the same. 

Zoho is a web-based email client that offers attractive features to its users. You can avail of its cloud services through the application, you can also manage your tasks, calendars, journals, etc. using the Zoho email client. But with increasing time people’s need tends to change they want something unique now and then. 

However, Office 365 is a complete suite that comes with many other applications like MS Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Outlook, and Skype. The office comes with more flexible and convenient options to go for. Thus, people transfer data to Outlook 365 as it is a good option for people who work on Excel, or Word because in this case even if they switch to a new OS or device, they can easily access it just by logging in to Microsoft. 

In this article, we would provide you with a reliable tool for Zoho Mail to Office 365 migration. Read the blog for an immediate solution and fix your problem instantly. zo

Add Zoho Mail to Outlook 365 Account on Mac OS 

We are here to assist you with the most appropriate tool to Add Zoho Mail to Outlook 365 on Mac. MacUncle Zoho Backup Software This utility not only configures Zoho mail to Office 365 but also can keep the backup of your Zoho emails for future reference. The tool comes with an extraordinary feature to configure the entire Zoho mail to Outlook 365 with a complete set of folders including inbox and sent a draft, the software comes with the selective backup of only specific emails if you want, on the other hand, the tool also supports bulk backup. 

The application has an easy-to-use serial GUI interface. The tool preserves and maintains the folder’s hierarchy and prevents it from any loss. There is no risk of your data getting lost. The software allows you to preview all your emails before starting with the procedure.

The Simple Steps to Migrate Zoho Mail to Office 365

Get the tool from the link and follow up the steps mentioned here:

1. Enter your Zoho Mail Account credentials with your Account Address and password. 

Use the MacUncle tool to Add Zoho Mail to Outlook 365

2. Now choose the folder which you wish to configure and select Office 365 under the Select Savings option

Choose Office 365 from Select Saving Option

3. Then choose the Filter options if you want selective Zoho Emails of a specific date. 

Set up Filter option for Select Zoho to Office 365 Migration

4. Finally, click on the Start Backup button. 

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Why a Tool for Zoho to Office 365 Migration?

While going through the article you must have caught the eye with the procedure. We, MacUncle Software, always try to keep everything simple for Our users. Therefore, all the tools will possess the simplest steps to execute any task. 

Read some of the important features of the tool:

Select migration of Zoho Emails: The use of the Filter option helps in migrating required emails from the Zoho account to Office 365. Set up the field Date Range, From, To, and Subject as per the need. 

100% Safe & Direct Migration: All the email files are transferred to Outlook 365 with the help of the option “Office 365” from select Saving Option. Using which one can directly import the files. 

No Requirement of External Support: Installation of Office 365 or any other application is not required to complete the Zoho to Office 365 migration. 

Final Verdict 

The blog explains to you the right and perfect technique to Add Zoho Mail to Outlook 365 on Mac. This tool not only configures Zoho to Office 365 but also you can keep a backup of the Zoho Mails on your Machine. The application comes with exotic features and offers you the flexibility to choose your preferred destination location and file naming conventions.