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Convert Google Takeout to PDF – Supports Batch Conversion

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Published On February 9th, 2024 • 4 min read

Here we present in-depth information on the application to convert Google Takeout to PDF format. Get the feature and the download link for the exceptional application for both Mac & Windows. 

Google Takeout’s Benefits – Google offers low-cost, safe storage for digital assets. Your files are accessible from anywhere with an internet connection. An easy approach to downloading the data can be a lifeline when you need to get to the files or when a file migration utility fails. With Google Takeout one can archive more than 50+ data from Google Cloud. Get the Contacts, Emails, Google Keep notes, and bookmarks are among the 50+ types of data. Sign in to your Google account, then go to the Google Dashboard to see a complete list of data categories and how much of each you have.

Nonetheless, the data archiver Google Takeout does not have an option to download the files in PDF format. Extract the data and export the files to PDF document format. 

Steps to Export Google Takeout Data 

Go to Google Takeout and follow the steps to download the data from Google 

  • By default, all the data will be checked, so press the De-select All button. 
  • If the email files are only required, choose the Mail option from the list.  Extract Google Takeout data
  • Now, select the File type, frequency, and destination location. Hit the Create Export button. Set file type, frequency and destination
  • As a result, Google will create the link and send it to the user’s Mail ID. Check the Gmail and click the download link.  Check Gmail for download link
  • Right-click the downloaded file and click on Extract files
  • Then a folder with MBOX files will be generated. 

Convert Google Takeout to PDF Format – Document the Data Files

After the extraction of data, Download Google Takeout Converter to switch the files in *.mbox format to PDF document. With the exporter tool convert single or batches of files to any format. To maintain the data integrity, perform the conversion with the attached documents. Regardless of the file types, the utility switches the files to a selected format. 

First, install the application and carry out the steps below:

Download for Mac Download for Windows

How to Convert Google Takeout to PDF Format in Bulk?

Follow the steps below to convert Google files into PDF document format:

  • 1. Use Add File & Add folder to import the file and folders respectively. Hit the Next button.  With MacUncle Convert Google Takeout to PDF
  • 2. Select the essential file to convert to PDF and press the Next button. 
  • 3. Then, select the PDF format from Select Saving Options.  Choose PDF format
  • 4. Click on the Browse button to select a location to store the converted files. Also, the naming pattern to rename the resultant file.  Browse destination location and naming pattern
  • 5. Hit the Export button. 

The file will start converting to PDF format in a few moments. The software will notify the user of different messages. 

Advantages of the Converter Tool

Some unique features are offered by the MacUncle tool to convert Google Takeout to PDF format. 

  • Add Complete folder: Select the folder that will Google Takeout data to the software interface. The tool will process the files without any delay or glitches. Execute batch or selective conversion with ease. 
  • Data Precision: Obtain the exact file in a different format. Without any data, omission performs the conversion of Google Takeout to PDF format. 
  • Free to Choose Location: Click on the browse button to choose a location to store the PDF files. The tool’s default location is the desktop. 

Outline of Article 

The suggested software allows users to convert Google Takeout to PDF format with 100% accuracy. Document the email files within minutes regardless of the type of files. Even though there are no direct manual solutions, we have provided you with the sole direct technique of conversion: professional software.