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How to Import Google Takeout Archive into Outlook 2010/2013/2016?

Mark Briggs | Modified: February 24, 2023| Google Takeout | 4 Minutes Reading

Are you planning to export Google data files to PST Outlook format? Or want to import Google Takeout to Outlook accounts? Take time and read the article, for now, the best and the most reliable method. 

“Hi, I recently downloaded all the mailboxes using Google Takeout. Now I have a new Outlook account, could you please guide me to move the email files to an Outlook account? There are all types of data like contacts, emails, etc. Please provide a solution so that I can move files regardless of the type.”

“Is there any tool to convert Google takeout to PST format to transfer the files to Outlook 2016 account?” 

As per the above queries, it is quite evident users have downloaded all the Google data locally. The files will be available in ZIP format, which further can be extracted resulting in *.mbox files. To access MBOX files in Microsoft Outlook, one must convert to *.pst and *.olm for Windows and Mac Outlook respectively.

Why users are Transferring Google Data to MS Outlook?

As per the survey and the queries we receive, there are various reasons why a user wants to import Google Takeout to MS Outlook. 

  • Google Takeout is a cloud-based server, whereas Outlook is a desktop-based server.
  • It is to use Outlook rules to manage incoming emails.
  • Outlook filters spam and blocks external content such as downloaded images, web bugs, and data from unknown domains.
  • Users can utilize the integrated search feature to find contacts, dates, and emails using keywords. Other Outlook apps, such as Contact Manager and Calendar, have this feature as well.

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Import Google Takeout to Outlook Account

To transfer the Google Takeout data to any version of the Microsoft Outlook account, download Google Takeout Data Converter. All the data such as emails, contacts, and other data to an Outlook account. The software supports the MBOX files and then converts the files to the appropriate file format. Get the exact result without another file extension and import.

The application has two different options to add the data to the software interface. Which further will offer a platform to import batches of email files to MS Outlook. 

Download the *.dmg and *.exe files for Mac and Windows respectively from the below links: 

Download for Mac Download for Windows

How Does the Tool Work? – Complete Guide

Learn how to operate the application with the illustration given below. Go through the steps one by one: 

1. Open the application on any system right after the installation.

Start MacUncle to Import Google Takeout to Outlook

2. Use the two different ADD buttons and upload single or multiple files to the panel. Add files and folders with Google Takeout data. Press the Next button. 

Add Google Takeout Archive to panel

3. All the data will be scanned and listed on the software. Click on the arrow button and check on the required files to start with. Again, press the Next button. 

4. The software will give the option to select PST/Outlook.com/IMAP

Choose the required format

5. For file conversion, choose a location to store the converted file. 

browse a destination location

6. Import Google Takeout to Outlook using Outlook.com and IMAP option by entering the credentials to the required field. 

Enter Outlook credentials to move Google Takeout to Outlook

7. Click on the Export button. 

Finally, all the Google Takeout archives will move to the Outlook account without any harm to the files. 

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We hope the solution is acquired with the help of the article. Import Google Takeout to Outlook accounts with MacUncle. Get all the Google account data to MS Outlook 2010/2013/2016. To work with the application there is no requirement for any technical intelligence. Try the demo version of the MBOX Converter Software before purchasing the license key.