How to Import Google Takeout Archive to iCloud?

Mark Briggs | January 29th, 2023 | Google Takeout


Let’s learn the procedure to import Google Takeout to iCloud including emails, photos, contacts, and other files. Get the data files from Google account to Mac Mail to Apple Mail. 

“I want a program or application to move my Google data to iCloud. Recently I save the files using Google Takeout. As I am aware of the import options in Apple Mail. But the same method will only let me transfer my email files no other data (Contacts, Drive, Task, etc.). Please help me out to transfer Google Takeout files to iCloud”

More About Google Takeout & iCloud

Google Takeout is a service provided by the Google Data Liberation Front, a group of Google engineers. It allows the user to export all of their data into a zip file, including Gmail, YouTube, Drive, Contacts, Calendar, Bookmarks, and a variety of other services. This allows you to archive your data as Google Takeout, which is emailed to a user account as a Gmail message. Takeout emails are saved in the MBOX file type.

iCloud is a service that allows you to create an account and have access to tools for synchronizing and accessing your data across various devices. iCloud also enables sharing photos, notes, emails, and other items with friends and family a breeze. You can also use iCloud to back up your iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch. Now, learn how can we move the Google Takeout archive to iCloud.

How to Import Google Takeout to iCloud or Apple Mail?

Before starting there are different situations the user is in. If the email files are downloaded and extracted from Google Takeout then go to #2 Step and directly move the files to Mac Mail.

If the files are not saved then learn how to get the data with the help of the below procedure.  

#1 Start by Downloading Google Files from Google Takeout

  • Go to Google Takeout and log in with the email address and password.
  • Select Data to Include: From this section, select the checkbox corresponding required Google Service to extract data. The includes, Mails, tasks, Contacts, etc. Press the button Next button.
  • Choose File Types, Frequency, and Destination: Select a file format to which the Google data need to save and set a frequency to export data once or every 2 months for 1 year. 
  • Finally, press the Create Export button. 
  • The download link will send to the respective email address. Extract the data from the ZIP file to MBOX format. 

Now, learn how to directly import the Google Mail Archive Takeout to iCloud.  

#2 Perform Google Takeout to iCloud Migration 

Google Takeout Archive Converter can be used to migrate the data from Google accounts to iCloud. Transfer the email files, photos, contacts, etc. to the Apple Mail account with the help of the mentioned application. 

Download for Mac Download for Windows

Step-by-step procedure to import Google Mail archive takeout to iCloud:

1. Open the software after successful installation. 

Start the application to Google takeout to iCloud

2. Add the Google takeout data to the panel using the file-adding a button. Upload the complete folder or files to the interface. Hit the Next button in the bottom corner.

Add MBOX files

3. Select the files from the list as shown in the figure. Then, press the Next button to proceed. 

4. Now, the tool will have the option to convert or migrate Google Takeout files. Select IMAP from the options and enter the credentials of the iCloud account.

Choose IMAP option to improt Google Takeout to iCloud

5. Press the Export button to begin the migration.

The files will start importing to the iCloud account. 

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Professional Version of the Tool

The initial package of the software will allow a free migration method. This implies, importing Google Takeout to iCloud with a limitation of the first 25 files. To overcome the limitation, upgrade the tool to a professional package. 


Top Traits of the Tool

Get an insight into the working features of the toolkit and decide whether to have it or not. More than offering an instant solution in the migration, the software proffers other benefits for the user.

  • Multiple file migration 

Since Google takeout extracts data from the whole Google account consisting of emails, contacts, tasks, etc. the tool supports multiple files at once. Process more than one file with the help of dual add buttons. Else, import the complete folder to the iCloud account. 

  • Get Accurate Result 

Without leaving any data behind complete the procedure. Users are free to choose the desired files from the added folder. After file selection, use the remove button to remove unwanted files from the selected Google Takeout folder. 

  • Perform Multiple Migration 

Migrate Google data to single or multiple iCloud accounts with the suggested tool. With the upgraded version of the software import the files to multiple accounts without any hassle. 


Transfer the extracted Google Takeout to iCloud using the procedure mentioned here. Regardless of the type or size move the files to Apple Mail. User does not need to seek for additional support to operate the tool. The folders will be well maintained even after bulk data migration.