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How to Convert HEIC to PDF in Batches?

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Published On March 15th, 2024 • 4 min read

Today we will discuss the technique to convert HEIC to PDF on Mac OS. The article comprises the software to export the *.heic files and the complete procedure to obtain the result.

A PDF file is a document presentation format that is independent of application software, hardware, and operating systems. PDF files are commonly used to transfer documents from one location to another, regardless of the platform or computer application used to read them.

Although both HEIC and PDF are common file formats, PDF has become the industry standard file extension due to its exceptional Security features and flexibility. Thus, users prefer to save image files in *.pdf which makes it easier to print HEIC files.

Convert HEIC to PDF on Mac & Print the Files 

Why bother converting single files at once when you can batch convert with HEIC File Converter Software. The standalone application is set to full-fill conversion of *.heic or *.heif image files from iOS and macOS devices in batches. It offers complete accuracy without modifying EXIF information and image resolutions. Convert multiple HEIC files and print the files by maintaining the quality.

We recommend the user try out the free version and then opt for the professional edition. Since the demo version gives an insight into how the software works. 

Steps to Bulk Convert HEIC to PDF on Mac OS

  • 1. Start the application on any system and Add HEIC image files using either Add files(s) or Add Folder(s). Press the Next button. 
    Use MacUncle to quick convert heic to pdf on mac
  • 2. The tool thus will scan the added files and list them in the next tab. Choose the desired files and again hit the Next button. Select desired files from the system
  • 3. Further, a new tab will open up with multiple saving options, choose PDF format. Select PDF and Destination location
  • 5. Hit the Export button to initiate the conversion process. 

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Reason Choose a MacUncle Software 

Below are the detailed reasons why one should opt for the suggested application. Read and get more information on the benefits offered by the software on bulk HEIC to PDF conversion. 

  • Bulk Image File Conversion: The software has two different options to add HEIC files to the interface. Upload the files using dual add buttons. Process single or multiple files to the panel and obtain the result within minutes. 
  • Accurate Result: Even though the application converted multiple files at once. Get the image files in document format with maintained EXIF and other important details preserved. 
  • No prerequisites Needed: There will be no need for additional application or service support to work on the software. From the file uploading to saving the converted files, the tool guides the user in each phase.

Frequently Asked Question

Q1) Does this tool work on Mac OS 10.14 Edition?

A1) Yes. The software is compatible with all the latest editions above 10.8 Mountain Lion and the Windows OS version is also available. 

Q2) How can I remove the watermark in the converted files? 

A2) It is because you are using the Demo edition. To obtain HEIC files in PDF format without any watermark get the application’s Pro package. 

Q3) I got the trial edition from the main page, but it is showing “can’t be opened because Apple cannot check it for malicious software”. How to open this tool if it is showing this? 

A3) The warning message is showing due to security reasons with the Mac Operating system.

Read the article for More details: Fix Apple Cannot Check it for Malicious Software


To conclude the application here has proven to have the best conversion mechanism to convert HEIC to PDF on Mac. The tool was originally designed for the Macintosh Operating System. However, the Windows edition is also available for the same. The software not only changes HEIC to PDF but to more than 4+ other image file formats.