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Delete Emails from Zoho Mail Account | Quick & Efficient Method

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Rollins Duke
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Published On January 5th, 2024 • 3 min read

Here find out “How to Delete Emails from Zoho in bulk”. Remove the email files, contact folder, and calendar events, from the Zoho account, using the MacUncle solution. Out of all the methods, we will see how to remove emails permanently from the Zoho mail account effortlessly. 

Read and figure out if you are in the same situation. 

I tried to delete emails from the Zoho account but it only allows me to delete 200 emails at a time. Since there are around 4500+ email files that I need to remove. How can I delete all the email files at once without any selection procedure? 

Yes, to delete email files from any email client user has to undergo the selection and removal process. However, only a limited number of files can be removed at a time. 

Delete Emails from Zoho including Archive, Inbox, Sent, etc. 

Regardless of the number or size of the email files perform bulk deletion with EmailRaser Wizard. The utility is developed to process multiple files at a time. Therefore, as soon as the Zoho email folders get loaded to the software interface, select any folder and delete the files right away. 

How to Delete Old Emails from Zoho Account?

The application is capable of performing the whole process without any additional services. It acts as self-guiding software and deletes emails from the Zoho account after a few user commands. Carry out the below steps:

  • Step 1: Open the software and choose the Zoho email service from the list of email clients. 
  • Step 2: Enter your email address and password in the field given. Then hit the Login button to proceed. Start the MacUncle tool to Delete Emails from Zoho
  • Step 3: Use the check box to select any folder and then go to the Filter option in the top menu. Select the folders to delete
  • Step 4: Set up the field in the Filter Option to select particular email files from a specific date, from or to email IDs, Subjects, etc. Also, use the “Erase Attachments” to delete the attached document particularly. Filter option for selective email file removal
  • Step 5: Go back up and press the Start Erase button in the bottom corner to begin the process of deleting all emails from your Zoho account instantly.

Within a few minutes, the software will remove all the emails from the Zoho account. Sign in to Zoho and check. 

Final Verdict

We hope the issue is resolved with the help of the above procedure. Read and perform the whole deletion process without any hassle. Also, delete emails from Zoho accounts using the filter option. Without any selection process complete the deletion easily. A complete folder can be deleted using the recommended method and permanently erase the files without any trace.

FAQs – Delete Emails from Zoho

Q1) Can I delete the Zoho contact using this method?

A1) Yes. Select the particular folder with contact lists and then proceed with the deletion steps. 

Q2) Does this tool offer any option to back up the files before and then delete them?

A2) Backup Email files to the hard drive before using the application. Save all the required files and further delete all email files from Zoho.

Q3) How to delete only old emails from your Zoho account?

A3) In the filter, the option sets the particular date range and removes the old email data.