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How to Export Thunderbird Emails to CSV File

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Published On February 16th, 2024 • 5 min read

Saving emails or contacts to an Excel sheet is one of the common practices we do. Therefore, we will discuss the simple method to export Thunderbird Emails to CSV files. Since there is a manual practice to get the address book from the Thunderbird account, but not for the email files. Let’s see the single solution to extract emails, contacts, calendars, etc.

“The firm I work for has decided to switch to a different email platform, thus everyone must switch from their personal choice to the company’s preferred format. I would like to export my Thunderbird mail to CSV format.”

Now let’s get to the reason and the solution.

Overview of Thunderbird & CSV 

After Microsoft Outlook, Mozilla Thunderbird is one of the most widely used desktop email programs. Along with the calendar, address book, and journals, it also included email services. Anyone looking for a free email client solution with user-friendly privacy rules and a quick interface chooses Thunderbird. Supports both Windows and Mac OS.

A CSV file, often known as a comma-separated values file, enables the saving of data in a tabular format. CSVs resemble standard spreadsheets but have a *.csv extension. Nearly every spreadsheet tool, including Microsoft Excel and Google Spreadsheets, supports the use of CSV files. Since it is platform-independent users much prefer to get email messages in Excel sheets.

Let’s see how to export Thunderbird Emails to CSV and Open the email messages in an Excel sheet using the right software. Read the next section to learn more about the procedure.

Competent Approach to Export Thunderbird Emails to CSV

The best collaborative software Thunderbird Email Converter is the relevant tool for exporting multiple files at once. Within the tool, we can save the emails to different formats of which CSV is one. Either the contacts or emails can be extracted easily. The utility does not ask for any additional steps other than the procedure to use the tool. Get the appropriate setup file and start with the export procedure.

How to Export Emails from Thunderbird to CSV Format?

The installation is completed within minutes. Further, follow the steps one by one.

  • Start the software and select any of the options i.e., Convert Emails or Convert Contacts.Open the application to Export Thunderbird Emails to CSV
  • Then, select a method to add emails to the software panel. Upload the files manually else use the auto fetch approach.
  • Here the manual option is selected. Use the check box to select the desired files. Press the Next button.
    Choose the files to convert
  • Now choose CSV format from the drop-down list and set a location for the resultant file.Select CSV format to export address book from thunderbird to csv

    In a few minutes, all final results will appear on the screen. Check the CSV file with Thunderbird messages.

    The suggested method can be used as the solution – How to Migrate Email from Thunderbird to Gmail?

    Client Reviews 

    I’ve used a lot of file converter applications. Since so many of them fail to convert the Thunderbird files I require or are difficult to comprehend, using them is annoying and a great waste of time. This one is simple and effective! I am extremely appreciative of the creators of this app and the fact that it is free of advertisements.

    Without annoying signup or a single file at a time feature, it performed all the tasks I wanted it to in good condition. Really good and Simple, with a variety of formats and features. 

    It greatly aids in the conversion of my Thunderbird files in numerous ways. As long as you have a reliable internet connection, everything is quick, simple, and available. I appreciate you creating this software! Amazing conversion, I must say. Very speedy and very complete in terms of the to-from files.


    Hope you have done the downloading emails from Thunderbird to the CSV Excel sheet. We here presented the quick method to export from the Thunderbird profile. Without any additional application, installation executes the task by maintaining complete accuracy. Also, export copies of emails from Thunderbird to CSV in batches and perform the conversion without any repetition. 

    FAQ – Export Thunderbird Emails to CSV

    Q) Will I be able to export the contacts with the emails?

    A) Yes, export the Thunderbird Address book to CSV along with the email files. The contacts alone can be extracted without any glitches.

    Q) Do I need to have or Install Thunderbird whilst using this tool?

    A) No. MacUncle software works independently.

    Q) How many files will get converted to CSV at once?

    A) Using the trial version one can convert around 20+ emails. To get more features upgrade the tool to its Pro edition.