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Fix Apple Mail Not Syncing with Gmail | Comprehensive Guide

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Published On May 13th, 2024 • 5 min read

For Mac users, Apple Mail is a convenient tool to handle emails. Thus, users usually sync the Apple Mail with the Gmail account to get overall email management. However, there could be an Apple Mail Not Syncing with a Gmail account occasionally. It is frustrating, especially when you depend on both platforms for your email communications.  Here is the comprehensive guide, we are going to discover the common reasons and their solutions. You can also check the expertise approach to back up the emails.

Understanding the Issue

What could be the cause of Apple Mail Not Syncing with Gmail? Several factors disrupt the synchronization process, i.e., network issues, incorrect account settings, outdated Mac updates, or any issue with the third-party application.

Signs of Syncing Issues

  • Emails do not appear in Apple Mail despite being visible in Gmail.
  • Inability to send or receive emails through Apple Mail.
  • Constant prompts for password verification.
  • Slow or intermittent syncing of emails.

Why Causes the “Apple Mail Not Syncing with Gmail” Problem

Here are some potential reasons why Apple Mail is not Working with Gmail:

  • Internet Connection Issues: Poor or unstable internet can disrupt the synchronization process between the Apple Mail and the Gmail account.
  • Incorrect IMAP settings: If you just set up the IMAP setting in Apple Mail to sync with Gmail, then check again the settings, Incorrect IMAP settings could lead to a synchronization issue.
  • Antivirus Interference Problem: Sometimes the installed firewall or antivirus might cause a syncing issue in the email client.
  • Outdated Software: Using an outdated version of Apple Mail or macOS can the compatibility issues with Gmail, which leads to synchronization problems.
  • Storage Issue: If the storage is insufficient on your device or Gmail account, it can prevent new emails from syncing properly. Check the storage space in the device and the email client.
  • Authentication Error: If you have provided incorrect login credentials or authentication, it can prevent Apple Mail from syncing with Gmail.

Now, we need to check each of the reasons and the solution for them. Follow the troubleshooting steps below to know why Apple Mail is not Connecting with Gmail.

Troubleshooting Method to Fix Apple Mail Not Syncing with Gmail

After going through each of the reasons, you might have an idea about the causes of the syncing issue. Now. go through each of the methods and carry out the desired method to achieve the solutions.

1. Check the Internet Connection

Make sure the device is connected to a stable and reliable Internet connection. The poor internet connection can prevent the Apple Mail from Syncing with the Gmail properly.

2. Verify Gmail Settings and Check Apple Mail not Syncing with Gmail Issue

To verify the Gmail setting in Apple Mail, go to the preferences and check the settings for the Gmail account. Confirm the IMAP settings are configured properly.

Incoming Mail Server: imap.gmail.com
Outgoing Mail Server:  smtp.gmail.com

Ensure the username and password are accurate. Also, enable IMAP access in your Gmail settings

Go to Gmail > Settings > Forwarding and POP/IMAP > Enable IMAP.

3. Restart the Device

One of the common solutions to this is to restart the iPhone or the Mac devices. Once you restart the device it will stop all the background processes that might be causing the issues of Apple Mail Not Syncing with Gmail

4. Update Apple Mail and macOS/iOS

The outdated software can lead to syncing and compatibility issues. Check for any updates for both Apple Mail as well as the Operating System.

5. Disable Third-Party Security Software

Sometimes, security software or firewall settings can interfere with Apple Mail’s ability to sync with Gmail. Temporarily disable any third-party security software or adjust the settings to allow Apple Mail access to your Gmail account.

6. Re-Add Gmail Account to Apple Mail

If the problem persists, try removing and re-adding your Gmail account to Apple Mail:

  • Go to Apple Mail > Preferences > Accounts.
  • Select your Gmail account and click the ‘-‘ button to remove it.
  • Then, click the ‘+’ button to add the account again.

7. Expertise Approach to Get Gmail Emails Easily

Use recommend users to save all the emails from the Google account to a local device. Get the Gmail Backup Tool from the link mentioned below. It has all types of common file formats to save emails. Either save in a document or email file format. We don’t need any configuration with the software since it allows us to store important emails. More than that you can transfer the email data from Gmail to Apple Mail directly with the tool itself. For more details, you can refer: Transfer Gmail Emails to iCloud.


The syncing issues between email clients are one of the frustrating things. Therefore, here we are with different steps to troubleshoot the issue with Apple Mail Not Syncing with Gmail accounts. Check the causes and follow through each of the methods to apply as per the need. With this guide, you with equipped solutions to fix the issue within minutes.