How to Migrate Gmail to iCloud Mail ? Learn the Expertise Solution

Mark Briggs | April 20th, 2023 | Gmail


Most of us use Google Gmail to satisfy our cloud computing needs directly. While you can get a fresh start with the new iCloud account, there are a few scenarios where users want to view all their email archives in one place. This condition is one of the key reasons why users choose to migrate Gmail data to iCloud mail.

We went through many forum sites where users want to transfer e-mails from Gmail to iCloud. So, regardless of whether you need to pass any unique data to iCloud or Gmail contacts to iCloud, the Backup Wizard mentioned here is the ideal solution for you.

Read on to know the step-by-step process for moving Gmail emails to iCloud.

Transfer Email from Google Mail to iCloud

Using the MacUncle Gmail Backup tool you can effectively transfer Gmail contacts to iCloud Mail. The utility is simple to use and offers users a direct chance to perform this task. This software is also used to transfer data from several Gmail accounts. You will only need to log in to the Gmail account and iCloud account in the application itself. Users must enter the Cloud Mail program information such as Username, Password & IMAP Server Name. There is no need to use iCloud devices connected to the machine.

Procedure to Move Gmail to iCloud

Get the tool and install the tool to transfer Gmail data to iCloud on any system.

  • Launch the application on macOS and enter the Gmail credentials into the software panel.
Start the application to transfer Gmail Emails, Contacts to iCloud
  • Now press login and then select the IMAP option.
Choose the desired folder and IMAP option to migrate Gmail to iCloud
  • The application gives the option to enter the Email application credentials. Afterward, enter IMAP host and IMAP Port no.
Enter iCloud Credentials
  • Advanced Filter option to backup emails of specific date & Export selective folders.
Advanced Filter option to transfer Gmail emails to iCloud
  • Now press Start Backup to start to live Gmail to iCloud backup preserving folder hierarchy.
Migrate Gmail to iCloud completes

Advanced Traits of Gmail to iCloud Backup Wizard

  • Requires only Gmail credentials to move Gmail to iCloud.
  • No requirement for other Apple devices to migrate emails from Gmail to iCloud.
  • Advanced settings option to avail the filter options for transferring a few selective data items from a Google account to iCloud.
  • You can also save and convert Gmail data with corresponding attachments.
  • Also, you can transfer contacts to iCloud mail with all details.


In the above blog, we discussed the best way that users can easily migrate Gmail to iCloud Mail, Gmail Contacts to iCloud, etc. with just a few steps. Thus, using the Gmail migration tool, it is easy to import Gmail emails to iCloud directly without alerting a single data. Try it out and get unlimited advantages.

FAQ – Forward Gmail Emails to iCloud

How do I transfer all my contacts from Gmail to iCloud?

After entering Gmail credentials into the right field, press login. Soon the tool will take you to another window with complete Gmail files/folders. Select the Contact folder, and then proceed with the process.

Will I get the exact folder after migrating my whole Gmail account to iCloud?

Yes, the Emails from the Gmail account are transferred directly without hammering the email folder hierarchy.