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Transfer Zoho Email to Google Mail – Get the Right Technique Now!

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Rollins Duke
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Published On August 9th, 2023 • 6 min read

If you are wondering how to transfer Zoho to Gmail accounts. Then you are at the right place. We are here to provide you with Robust and Reliable Methods to forward Zoho Mail to Gmail in easy and simple steps. At the end of this article, you will be able to have a perfect solution to your entire problem. 

Zoho Mail is vastly used by many people and offers more or less the same features as Gmail Email Client. But because of the better professional environment of Gmail, most people are shifting from Zoho Mail to Google account. 

Before moving on further, we first will look for some of the reasons behind forwarding Zoho Mail to Gmail. 

Reasons to Migrate / Forward Zoho Mail to Gmail

Well, users are satisfied with the services provided by Zoho Mail, but there are certain situations or circumstances that make it a compulsion to migrate emails from Zoho to Gmail. Here are some of the instances: –

  • A company shifts its email services from Zoho emails to Gmail, and then all the individuals employed in the company tend to migrate to Gmail. 
  • Issues like Outages/ Server down of Zoho Mail frequently. 
  • Sending and Receiving issues with Zoho Mail. 

Whereas Gmail provides a ready-to-go platform for users and offers 15 GB of free cloud storage and other exotic features which attract the common mass. 

Solutions to go for! 

In this article, we have provided you with 2-Best Possible Solutions to overcome all your problems instantly. The first method is a Manual one with certain limitations to overcome the loopholes we have then provided a Professional Tool. An Automated Effortless Solution to Forward Zoho Mail to Gmail on Mac & Windows. 

For Manual Approach – #1 Method

For Direct Approach – #2 Method (Instant Solution)

The Manual Method – Transfer Zoho Mail to Gmail

Follow the stepwise method carefully as mentioned below: –

1. Start by logging in to your Zoho Mail Account. Move to the Setting (Gear Icon) from the top of the window. Now, from the left-hand menu, select the “Email Forwarding and POP/IMAP” option. 

Manually Forward Zoho Mail to Gmail

2. Under the IMAP Access Section, choose Enable option. Note all the details of IMAP Configuration before moving on. 

Enable IMAP

3. You can then log in to the Gmail account by entering the credentials. After that click on the Settings>> Accounts and Import Tab>> Add Another Email Address That You Own link

Go to Gmail and add email address

4. You can then enter the Zoho email address in the text and do not forget to uncheck the treat as an alias box. Click on the Next Step to proceed further. 

Enter Zoho Mail ID and User Name

5. In the next window, enter smtp.zoho.com for the SMTP Server. Change the Port value to 465. Now enter your, Zoho email id as username and password. And click Add Account option. 

Enter SMTP Serve and other credentials

6. After that, open your Zoho account again and click on the confirmation link in the email that you might have received. 

Confirm migration emails in Zoho

7. Click on the Setting button from the top of your Zoho Mail Account. After that, you need to click on Email Forwarding and POP/IMAP

8. Click on Add email address option and type the Gmail Account address. Then click on the Add option. 

Set IMAP Configuration in Zoho Mail

9. A confirmation email will be sent to your Gmail Account. Click to confirm the email to process further.

Confirm the Email to migrate emails from Zoho Mail to Gmail

10. Now, enter the confirmation code in the Zoho Mail account as mentioned in the email to verify the forwarding. 

Finally, after doing all the processes, all the emails that are sent to the Zoho email address will be sent to Gmail Account. 

Limitations of Manual Process

There are many limitations in the Manual Method; the user has to have technical knowledge while following the steps. The entire process is a tedious one with a lot of time consumption. Also, many users face errors while continuing with the procedure. 

To overcome all the loopholes of the Manual Method we have come up with a robust and trusted way to deal with your problem. Get the solution from the #2 Method.

Alternative Solutions – Forward Zoho Mail to Gmail Directly

Download Zoho Mail Backup, this utility will not only forward Zoho Mail to Gmail but also you can create a backup of all your Zoho email with attachments on your local storage in multiple other saving formats. Using the tool transfer the exact emails to the Google account directly.

The tool offers you the Remove Option for the unwanted emails which you do not want to transfer to your Gmail Account. It preserves the folder’s hierarchy in its original form. Also, No Additional application is required for running the application. 

Follow the Procedures to Know More!

The utility comes with a coherent GUI and with exotic features. Download and install it in your System and follow the below-mentioned steps carefully: –

Step 1. Launch the application and perform the following steps. 

Step 2. Now Enter Zoho Mail Credentials– Zoho Account Address & Password on the panel provided. 

Enter Zoho ID and address to forward Zoho Mail to Gmail

Step 3. Select the option Gmail and Enter Gmail account credentials into the provided field.

Choose Gmail to transfer Zoho Emails to Gmail account

Step 4. Go for Filter Option if you want a selective backup of your Zoho Emails of specific dates & Export selective folders. 

Filter option for Selective process

Step 5. Go back to Start Zoho Backup and choose the Destination Path. Then click on Start Backup to initiate the process. 

Finally, you are done with your process in just 5-Easy Steps. You will get notified after the successful completion of the process. 


Winding Up…

The article explains and gives you with 2-Valuable and Ready-to-go Solutions to forward Zoho Mail to Gmail on Mac. Many users want to shift to Gmail due to various issues faced by them while accessing Zoho Mail. We have thus provided 2 Ways to do away with your problem. The first method is a Manual Way which includes various limitations as it requires expert Technical Skills. To overcome all the problems, we have given a Professional Tool that does your task in just a few minutes with easy-to-go procedures.