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Transfer Emails from Zoho Mail to Outlook on Mac

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Rollins Duke
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Published On August 8th, 2023 • 5 min read

If you are one of those users who want to migrate Zoho Mail to Outlook on Mac and aren’t able to find out appropriate solutions. Then there is the entire guide for you, the easiest and the simplest ways to do away with your problem right now. This blog can be really helpful for users who have been struggling with this problem. 

We will provide you with instant solutions, where we give you the best possible ways to transfer emails from Zoho to Outlook. This article provides you with a Manual Method and another solution will be our Expert & Robust Way to migrate Zoho Mails to Outlook. 

The manual method includes export from Zoho Mail to Outlook PST file while the Automated Solution gives you a wide range of options and features. 

Manually Migrate Zoho Mail to Outlook 

Follow the steps for easy and smooth conversion: –

  1. Start with opening the Microsoft Outlook application on your Mac System. 
  2. Now click File and select “Add Account”. 
  3. Select Manual Setup and click Next
  4. On choose, Service page selects the POP or IMAP option. 
  5. Provide the below details on Add Account page: –
  • Your name
  • Email Address
  • Select IMAP from the Account Type
  • Incoming Server: imappro.zoho.in
  • Outgoing Server: smtp.zoho.in
  1. Now click the Next button to complete the configuration. 
  2. Navigate to File>> Open and Export>>Import/Export Select Export to a file and choose PST
  3. Now finally choose the output location and click Finish

This method is lengthy and may be difficult for lazy folks. Also, the steps involved may not be understood by non-technical users and thus needs technical assistance. But to avoid all the limitations of the Manual Method we provide you with the most reliable and Easy-to-go Solution. 

Automated Solution to Migrate Zoho Mail to Outlook

We introduce the easiest way to migrate Zoho Mail to Outlook, Zoho Backup for MacOS. This tool offers you not only the backup option to save Zoho Emails with attachments on your PC but also you can choose to convert them to PST format. Thus a wide range of options is available. The utility provides you with the IMAP option to move Zoho emails to another server also. 

The toolkit comes with a 100% guarantee of safety and security which doesn’t save any of your credentials. You can perform your task easily without any data loss or corruption of any kind during the procedure. The wizard preserves your folder hierarchy during the entire procedure thus originality is the main feature of this tool

Follow the Steps for the Smooth Running of the Software

The tool is well-designed in terms of its GUI, and it offers a great user interface that can be operated by both technical and non-technical users. Follow the below-mentioned steps carefully:-

  • Start the application on your Mac OS. 
  • After clicking the Zoho Email Application, enter your Email Credentials in the panel provided. 
  • Now further select the email folders which you wish to convert in PST format using the drop-down list. 

use the tool to migrate zoho mail to outlook on mac

  • If opting for selective backup go to Filter Options to backup Zoho Mail of specific date & Export Selective folders. 
  • Now enter the file name for the resultant file and then tap Start Backup. 

This marks the end of the procedure, you will get notified in a few moments regarding the successful completion of the conversion. 

Impressive is what Attracts! Rich Features of the Tool

Zoho Mail Backup tool offers you a wide variety of specifications when it comes to its value offerings. 

  • Batch & Selective Backup– The application allows you to store either selective Zoho email files or you can go for bulk backup in the application. 
  • Standalone Toolkit– The software is independent in terms of its working, it doesn’t need any software for installation. It will save all your emails locally on your System. 
  • Previewing Emails– You can preview and see all your emails before the conversion process takes place, it is developed with an advanced algorithm. 
  • Preserves and Maintains Meta properties– The application preserves your folder’s hierarchy after the conversion takes place. It also saves all your emails in the same format and with the same material assets before conversion. 
  • Complete Log Report: The application offers you a complete log report of the conversion, specifying the location of the emails, and information about the downloaded emails. 

Winding Up 

The article gives you the 2-best possible ways to migrate Zoho email to Outlook in just a few minutes. The Manual Method which is explained above can be used but has various limitations the process being time-consuming while it needs technical skills in the user to perform the procedure. Thus we have provided an Automated Solution to overcome the loopholes present in the Manual Method. The migrator tool saves and exports it to PST Outlook format while you can go for selective or batch backup.