How to Get all Zoho Emails, Contacts, etc. in Excel Sheet?

Mark Briggs | November 27th, 2022 | Zoho Mail


Want to store Zoho data in a spreadsheet for better file management? Then, read the entire article to find out how to export Zoho data to an Excel sheet. From here learn how to download and perform the conversion procedure.

“Hi, I am having trouble with exporting Zoho emails to my hard drive. What I want is to import all the data to spreadsheets. Is there any simple format to import Zoho data to Excel sheet?”

To answer the above question yes there is one of the best and most simple techniques to move email data to Excel CSV format. 

Finest Approach to Import Data from Zoho Account to Excel Sheet

Whether the requirement is to convert contacts or emails use the software Zoho Backup. Export all the data directly from the Zoho account to CSV format. Then all the files can open in the Excel sheet. The exported files will be the same, the whole process executes without altering the data. 

Download for Mac Download for Windows

Steps to Run the Tool to Export Zoho Data to Excel

Download the desired edition of the application and then follow the steps:

1. Open the application on the system and enter the login details in the field provided. Press the login button.

Open the tool to Export Zoho Data to Excel

2. All the files will display on the interface. Choose any file/folder using the check box. Then, select CSV format from the Select Saving option. 

Choose CSV format

3. Now browse a location to store the converted file. 

4. Optional: for selective conversion of Zoho data to Excel, use the filter option. Enter the required field – From, To, Date Range, Subject, Selective Export Settings, etc. 

Convert Zoho Emails to Excel Selectively

5. Again, go back to Start Email Backup and hit the Start Backup button to begin the export process. 

Finally, the tool will display the folder with the resultant files. 

Traits of the Software 

There are multiple reasons to choose this tool before opting for any other online services. In addition to the instant conversion approach, here are some of the important traits of the software. 

  • Export Multiple Files at Once

Zoho Mail account might contain multiple data including emails, contacts, calendar events, etc. Export all the files from the account using the tool at once. Without any repetition perform the whole process in one go. To acquire an unlimited export feature, get the Pro version of the application.

  • Standalone Software

Without relying on any external software, execute the process correctly. Just with the application export Zoho data to Excel by retaining all the data intact. 

  • Filter & Export Selective Files

Use the Filter option to export only the required files from the Zoho account. Enter a particular date to convert the email files from the date as commanded. Enter From & To Id from emails files from specific email IDs.  

Frequently Asked Question

Can I export calendar events from the Zoho account using this tool?

Yes. Any type of file can be converted to Excel CSV format with the software. 

Where are all the converted files saved?

Before starting the process, choose a location to store the resultant file. After completing the process, the toolkit will display the folder.


The writer has complete information on how to export data from Zoho to an Excel sheet. The method can perform by anyone with or without technical expertise. Export email files, calendar events, contacts, etc. from the email account to a CSV Excel sheet. To get email addresses from the Zoho Account use the Email Address Extractor Software.