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Convert MSG to EML Format in Batches

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Published On April 10th, 2024 • 5 min read

About the blog: The article describes the techniques of – how to convert MSG to EML format. Get both common and professional approaches from the write-up. Choose any of the methods as per the requirement. Since the EML file format is the most commonly used, users tend to convert the email data to *.eml format. 

More About MSG & EML File Format

MSG is a Microsoft-developed file format for storing individual emails and other single things (tasks, meetings, appointments, contacts, and so on) outside of Outlook. You might not be able to open it if you don’t have Outlook on Windows or if you’re using Outlook on a Mac. This file format is compatible with all versions of Outlook.

EML is an email standard that is supported by a wide range of email clients. This file format is comparable to that of a text file, and it can be opened with any text editor (such as Notepad). This format can be used to export emails from Office 365 or a variety of other email clients, such as Gmail, Apple Mail, etc. 

Now, let’s learn about converting MSG to the EML format. 

Manually Convert MSG to EML Format 

The manual method for converting an MSG file to an EML file is provided below; however, this method may not produce the best/desired results, and the resulting file may become worthless after conversion.

  • Start the Outlook application on the system.
  • Select the MSG files from the system and drag and drop them to MS Outlook. 
  • Navigate to the File menu and add the location to store the files. 
  • Choose the TXT file format and press the Save button.
  • Then, right-click and change the file format to EML.
  • Further, a notification will pop up on the screen, click on the Yes button.

Loopholes: Here we are discussing a solution for bulk conversion of MSG files. One must go through the whole steps again to acquire multiple file conversions. Thus, we recommend our readers use the automated method.

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Professionally Export MSG Files to EML – Overview & Working Steps

Download MSG file Converter to convert MSG to EML format with the attached document. The toolkit specializes in switching the file extension from *.msg to *.eml. In any case, the utility converts the email files by preserving the folder structure. Without the installation of the Outlook application, export the Outlook messages to EML format. The resultant files can be imported to any supporting email client.

Step to Convert MSG to EML Format in Batches

  • 1: Upload MSG files or folders with multiple MSG files using the ADD button. Click on the Next button.Add files to Convert MSG to EML format
  • 2: As a result, the tool will open up a new tab to select the desired files. Again, click on the Next button. 
  • 3: Then, choose EML format from the Select saving option. Also, choose a location to store the files to any desired location. Select EML format
  • 4: Set a naming pattern to rename the resultant files for ease.Select Naming pattern
  • 5: After setting all the required options, press the Export button to start converting MSG to EML.

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Traits of the Tool to Convert MSG to EML 

There are multiple features of the toolkit to convert MSG files to EML format. Apart from giving accurate results, the toolkit is all about offering advanced traits. 

  • Mass MSG to EML Conversion: We can convert multiple MSG files to EML format with two different Add buttons. Which further reduces the effort of the user by not performing the process repetitively.
  • No Need for Outlook Installation: The software works without the assistance of any external support. Thus, there is no need for MS Outlook installation at any point of the installation. 
  • Try out Free Edition: Before purchasing the licensed version of the tool, test the demo or trial version. Test the working and the features of the software then upgrade to the professional version.
  • Add and Remove MSG files: The files can be added to the interface easily using the ADD button. Moreover, there will be a remove button to remove the unwanted MSG files. 

Final Verdict

As per the queries we receive here is the complete solution. Convert MSG to EML format in batches without any errors or glitches. Perform mass MSG to EML conversion without the installation of Microsoft Outlook. There are multiple online services to convert the MSG email files to a different format, but when it comes to email files get a trusted software for the same. 

Frequently Asked Question

Q) Does this tool open the MSG files before converting?

A) No. Use MSG File Viewer to access the email messages in the *.msg format. After checking the Outlook email messages, convert multiple MSG to EML format.

Q) What are the steps to batch convert MSG to EML?

A) Use the above-suggested tool, and add MSG files to the software interface using the add button.

Q) Where can I find the final resultant files?

A) After completing the conversion, the tool opens up the location with converted files.