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Migrate MBOX Files to cPanel Webmail on Mac OS

Mark Briggs | Modified: April 29, 2023| MBOX | 5 Minutes Reading

Summary: The whole article is about the solution to Import MBOX to cPanel webmail services. We will discuss the technique and the aspects of the same here. Migrate the mailboxes to Roundcube, Horde, and SquirrelMail webmail accounts.

MBOX files are familiar to almost all users. For non-technical users, the *.mbox extension is the file format that is commonly used to store email messages. It can hold a collection of email data in a single file. All the top email services such as Apple Mail, Thunderbird, Opera Mail, etc. use the format MBOX. 

Learn the procedure to Import MBOX into iCloud.

cPanel is the Linux-based control panel of Web hosting. With the cPanel server, any hosting accounts can be managed easily. It gives out a platform to create customer-based branded email addresses. cPanel server can be used as a mailing server. 

Now, the reasons are quite clear. The requirement is to move the email files to the person or brand’s account. Thus, we must have a clear cut of solutions for the same. 

How to Import MBOX to cPanel Webmail?

To add MBOX files to any webmail is now simple. But when it comes to the manual method, there are a few. Here will give go through all the techniques, from which to choose any appropriate method. Click on the option to jump to the solution.

Manual Method

1.) Via Horde Mail

2.) Roundcube

Automated Method – Via MacUncle

Steps to Run the Software to Import MBOX to cPanel

Common Practice to Move Mailboxes to cPanel 

Horde Webmail Account

Follow the below-mentioned steps:

  • Go to the Horde account 
  • Then, select the folder and right-click. Choose the Import option from the drop-down menu.
  • Further, Select the mailboxes or *.mbox files and click the OK button.

– Roundcube Webmail

  • Sign in to Roundcube Webmail. 
  • Click on the Gear button—select Import Messages. 
  • Select the MBOX files from the folder and hit the upload button.
  • The webmail will notify you once the process completes. 

Loopholes of Manual Method 

Since the manual techniques are free it comes with a price. The whole procedure seems to be single only if the number of email files is less. For a large number of email dates, the process will become hectic.

Expert Recommended Solution – Import MBOX to cPanel

Use the MBOX Converter to migrate MBOX files to cPanel Webmail. Within the application, import multiple MBOX files to the web hosting account directly. Most importantly, there is no need to access the cPanel account during the migration procedure. Download any edition as per the need. Since the trial version will only allow importing the first 25 mailboxes to cPanel webmail. 

Steps to Import MBOX to cPanel – Roundcube, Horde, and SquirrelMail 

1. Firstly, launch the application after downloading it to the system. 

Start the tool to Import MBOX to cPanel

2. Then, upload MBOX files to the interface either using Add File or Add Folder. In both cases, batch migration is applicable.

Choose MBOX files

3. Press the Next button and choose the required files. Again, hit the Next button to proceed. 

4. Go to the Select Saving Option and choose the IMAP option. Then enter the required details such as – Email Address, Password, and IMAP Port No. and IMAP Host.

Select IMAP to Import MBOX to cPanel

Note: There are so many saving options offered by the tool. Hence, if you want to import MBOX files to Outlook 365 are some other account, this MacUncle software is suitable for you.

5. As the final steps press the Export button. 

Soon the tool will notify the user about the successful completion of the process. Press Ok to confirm. Go to the cPanel account and check for the migrated folder. 

Why a Third-Party Tool is the Best?

Out of all the above-given methods, the automated tool is the most recommended one. However, the user is free to choose any method. Here we will know what makes the application stand out. 

a.) Bulk Migration: Using the two different Add buttons will allow performing batch migration. Both options give accurate results without any glitches.

b.) Feature to Choose Mailboxes: After uploading the mailboxes one can easily remove the unwanted folder from the email cluster. Thus, perform selective migration of MBOX to cPanel.

c.) Simple Steps: The whole process can be concluded in three simple steps. Add file, select option, and export. Use with or without technical expertise, to execute the procedure. 

d.) Other Options: There are different options to migrate the *.mbox files. Thus, choose any option ranging from document format to online email services. 

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To conclude, the blog post has a different methodology to move the mailboxes to cPanel webmail. The application given in the article has provided a 100% accurate solution for the user as per our feed. We recommend the user test the trial version for clarification. 

Frequently Asked Question

Does the software support MBOX files extracted from Thunderbird?

Yes. The suggested software support MBOX files extracted from any of the email clients such as Opera Mail, Thunderbird, Apple Mail, etc.

How many files can be transferred at once?

Add multiple files to the software interface using two different add buttons. However, to avail unlimited migration feature get the professional version of the tool.

Will I be able to Import MBOX to cPanel directly without any conversion?

Yes. The software carried out the procedure without performing any conversion. Thus, the user can transfer the MBOx files to cPanel account.