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Quick Steps to Print ProtonMail Emails in Batches 

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Rollins Duke
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Published On February 8th, 2024 • 4 min read

Learn the simple steps to print ProtonMail emails. There are still many people who prefer to read their emails on paper, even with reader-friendly screens and several storage choices directly on PCs, on USB sticks, or in the cloud. Therefore, we have to get the emails from the ProtonMail account effortlessly.

“Previously, I could print an email simply like I could with any other Mailing client, but now there is a difficulty. Longer emails cause the font size to become exceedingly small, which indicates that something has changed. This means that to print correctly, I must copy and paste it into a document. I don’t want to do these steps repeatedly. Could anyone help me out, any solution will is appreciated.”

As in the above query, it is clear that sometimes the print feature won’t work as we expected. So, read the whole article and get away with the solutions that are complete within minutes.  

Software to Print ProtonMail Emails 

So, it’s not novel to print several emails, but we must utilize the right tools or methods to do it. With just a few clicks, we can print several emails and even save them as PDF files for future use. The application ProtonMail Email Backup is the best for the same. The utility will scan all the emails to the interface. Thus, users can save the emails in batches to PDF format and print the emails with attachments. 

Use the trial version of the application to understand how the software works. However, since it is a free application there are some limitations to it. Export 25 ProtonMail emails to PDF and get the hard copy. To save more email files upgrade the software to the professional edition.

Procedure to Download Emails from ProtonMail Account

The software has easy-to-follow steps since it does not need any technical expertise to print ProtonMail Emails. Install the application on the system and start with the first step:

  • To access the email files and folders, enter your ProtonMail credentials. Activate the Login button.
Print ProtonMail Emails using MacUncle tool
  • The left panel of the tool will be populated with the whole email folder. Select the necessary folder or file, then, from the selection of saving formats, select the PDF option.
Select PDF as saving option
  • You may also browse a place to save the emails at a location of your choice.
Set a location to store resultant file
  • Use the filter option to pick certain email files. This function allows you to print emails from an individual data, Subject, Sender, or receiver in ProtonMail.
Filter and print emails from ProtonMail
  • To begin the procedure, finally, click Start Backup.

Traits of the Application – Print ProtonMail Emails

Let’s see what are the vital advantages of using the software to print ProtonMail Emails.

  • The ProtonMail email files’ hierarchy, together with the text formatting, subject line, and other pertinent Meta components of the file, are preserved and maintained by the toolkit both during and after the procedure.
  • The utility scans all the emails from the account and previews the folders in the left panel. Either a bulk conversion or a direct selection can be chosen by the user.
  • After the procedure is finished, the application gives you two flexible options for choosing the final location of the generated file and its file name structure.

Final Point 

We hope the solution to print ProtonMail Emails is clear. The intuition was to provide the simplest solution to print multiple emails with attachments directly from the mailing account. The advanced traits of the tool will help the user to carry out the process without any hassle. The suggested software is the right fit to download emails from the ProtonMail account to different file formats.