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How to Remove Duplicate Tasks in Outlook?

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Rollins Duke
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Published On August 11th, 2023 • 3 min read

Outlook Tasks and Microsoft To-Do are two vital task management tools provided by Microsoft. Both of the features offer the users painless task management. The MS Outlook tasks is an inbuilt function, that is intended to help us to organize events in the same platform. On the same platform, we manage the emails & calendar. Thus, when duplicate entries occur in the Outlook tasks, it leads to confusion and inefficiency. Therefore, we are here with the best methods to remove duplicate task in Outlook.

What are the Outcomes of having Outlook Task Duplicates?

In addition to inefficiency in the here are some of the additional causes of having duplicates in MS Outlook Taks.

  • Confusion: The presence of identical tasks can cause confusion, making it difficult to pinpoint the tasks that truly demand your attention.
  • Reduced Focus: The perpetual process of sifting through repetitive tasks upright a barrier to focusing on the tasks that hold real significance. It impact the overall performance.
  • Wasted Time: Manual search of duplicated activities, consumes precious time.
  • Missed Deadlines: Among the plethora of duplicates, essential tasks might slip through the cracks, potentially culminating in missed deadlines.

Manually Remove Duplicate Tasks in Outlook

We can manually remove the duplicate task in the Outlook account. Follow the steps to eliminate the duplicate tasks in the MS Outlook accounts.

  • Launch the MS Outlook program first, then navigate to the task panel.
  • Further, take the option to modify your view by clicking the view tab in the menu bar, then click the Detail option.
  • After that, hit the View icon and then pick View Setting.
  • After that, the Advanced View Settings Dialogue box will automatically open.
  • Select the Sort option there.
  • Click the OK button after selecting the Subject option from the Sort of Item drop-down box.
  • Your screen will now display a dialogue window with a warring theme; simply click the Yes button to confirm the view setting change.
  • Finally, select each duplicate task individually before pressing the ⌘ + Delete  key on your keyboard.
Loopholes of Common Practics: To delete duplicate Outlook tasks in batches the manual approach does not work. It takes time to perform the manual technique. There are high chances error to occur during the procedure of deleting the duplicate Outlook Tasks.

Automated Approach to Delete Duplicate Task in Outlook

Outlook Duplicate Remover offers the best interface to scan and remove the task database. You can choose and delete redundant jobs with a few clicks, saving you time and eliminating confusion. Add multiple Outlook files to the software pane using the different adding buttons. It efficiently removes the duplicate to-do list easily with the tool. It detects identical unwanted data effortlessly from the files.

Guide to Permanently Remove Duplicate Task in Outlook

  • Launches the software on the system and starts with the steps below.

start the tool to Remove Duplicate Tasks in Outlook

  • Add the Outlook files to the pane with the two different options to upload files.

add outlook files to the software

  • Choose the folder as per the need from the list.

choose files from the folder

  • Select the right location to store the result and set up all the other required fields.

set a location to save the updated

  • Also, use the filter option to remove duplicate tasks in Outlook selectively

selective remove duplicate tasks in outlook files

  • Press the Export button to start the procedure to delete duplicate tasks.


You can quickly find and remove duplicate tasks in Outlook, giving you back control over your task management. Easily access work list, reduce confusion, and get the result by following the techniques described in the wrtie-up. Keep in mind that efficient time management and project completion depend on a well-organized task list.