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Remove Password from Word VBA Project | Get the Result Instantly

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Published On May 16th, 2024 • 5 min read

You will find multiple solutions online to remove password from Word VBA project. Therefore, we have come up with the right method to unlock VBA project word files on Mac and Windows OS. One can manually remove passwords, however, we will also, figure out the simple and pre-eminent method to perform the password remover

“Hi, I am working for an IT company, I have handed over multiple VBA project Word files with confidential data in them. After browsing over more than 10 sites, I am more confused about the password removal process. Is there any simple way to remove passwords from word document VBA in *.dotm, *.docm, etc?”

From the above query, we can conclude that there are many cases where VBA users need to break password protection. Thus, we will discuss the possibilities of unlocking VBA project files.

Why Do We Need to Unlock the Word VBA Project?

There could be server reasons why users might want to remove the password from the Word VBA project:

  • Debugging and Testing: While debugging and testing the project, it might be inconvenient to repeat entering the password to access the VBA code. Thus removing the password simplifies the process.
  • Forgotten password: The most common reason is the forgotten password set to protect the project.
  • Automation: Password protection sometimes could interfere with automated processes. Removing passwords might be necessary to enable effortless automation.

Now, we will see what are the procedures to remove password protection from the Word VBA project.

Different Methods to Remove Password from Word VBA Project

Since it is about decrypting a file there will be a manual method to remove the password. Whereas the manual approach may need technical expertise, as it always has been, to complete the unlocking procedure.

#1 Method – Quick Method Unlock VBA Word Project

Download VBA Password Remover to break the password from Word document files. The tool is designed to recover the password from multiple files. Use the software to unlock VBA Word files with passwords effortlessly with the advanced decryption procedure.

4 Simple Steps to Remove Password from Word VBA Project

Complete the installation of the application on any desired system & Start the tool and follow the procedure:

  • Add the VBA password-protected Word file to the software panel using either of the Add buttons. Press the Next button.Open the software to remove password from Word VBA project
  • Soon all the files will be listed on the software panel. Choose the right file using the Check box and again press the Next button. Select the Required files
  • Click on the browse button to choose the right destination location to store the unprotected Word files.Choose location to store Word VBA Files without password
  • Finally, press the Export button in the bottom corner. The process to remove password from Word VBA project

#2 Method – Unlock VBA password from Word Document using VBA Code

The VBA password can be removed using the Visual Basic Application code. Execute the below procedure to break the VBA password from Word documents.

  • Start a new MS Word document Start MS Word
  • Press Alt+F11 to open VBA, and go to Insert and Select a Module. Insert VBA Module
  • Now enter the code in the General Windows, then press F5Enter the VBA Code
  • Choose the word file to unlock and press Open.
    Select the Word VBA project file
  • A notification will pop up on the screen with a message about the recovered password.
  • Press the OK button to move further.
    Get the Recovered password
  • The Word document will open up. Thus, go to the File tab and select Protect Document.
  • Select the Encrypt with Password option. Go to Word file encryption option
  • Now clear the password from the text box and press Ok to remove the password from the Word VBA project. Remove Password from Word Document

Limitations: The above method functions only when the password is limited to 7 characters. If it is more than 7 characters then certainly try out the #1 Method

Benefits of #1 Technique 

In simple words, the recommended method has the right and simple steps to remove passwords from Word VBA project.

  • Simple Procedure

The software has the unique feature of processing files effortlessly. The user just needs to add the encrypted file to the panel and the rest is carried out by the tool itself. Remove the password by upgrading the software to the professional edition.

  • No additional source Required

Unlike the manual approach, there is no need for additional code or application required to complete the process. The tool is enough to decrypt the Word VBA project files in *.docm, *.dotm, etc.

  • Process Bulk Files at Once

With the assistance of two different add buttons, the tool supports multiple files at once. Upload the files/folders to the panel using the Add option. In either case, multiple files/folders can be imported into the software interface.

  • Preserves the Data Intact

The Word files may consist of confidential information. Thus, the tool ensures to maintain the information in the file is intact throughout the procedure. The software is intended to unlock Word files without affecting the data in the VBA Word project.


Here in the article, you will get different solutions to remove password from Word VBA projects on Mac & Windows. Grab the right set-up file and install the application onto the system with ease. Without any further development, the tool completes its removal procedure effortlessly.