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How to Migrate / Transfer CenturyLink Emails to Gmail on MAC OS

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Published On November 10th, 2023 • 4 min read

Are you a Mac user, searching for a solution to transfer CenturyLink email to Gmail accounts? Then, stop searching any further, and have a look at the article to find out the approach and the steps to perform the migration of emails from the CenturyLink account. 

Hi MacUncle, is there any tool to move CenturyLink emails to a Gmail account with all the attachments? As I have used the account for the longest amount of time, it consists of a large count of email data including email messages, contacts, etc. Now, I have decided to close my current CenturyLink account and transfer all the emails to my Google account. Please suggest an approach.

Now, go through the write-up and solve the issue right away.

Transfer CenturyLink Email to Gmail on Mac Machine

Download Email Backup Tool for Mac to add/transfer email files from CenturyLink to Gmail account on Macintosh OS. The software comes with different built-in features like the ability to move email files in bulk format. The tool does not possess any limitations on the upgraded version of the tool. 

Migrate CenturyLink Emails to Gmail accounts with all the attachments and other email data included in them. 

Step-by-Step Process to Migrate CenturyLink Emails to Gmail

  • Launch the tool on any Mac OS above edition 10.8 Mountain Lion
  • Choose CenturyLink and enter the credentials to the required field. Click the below Login button. launch the software
  • Apparently, all the folders will be scanned and loaded into the software panel. Choose the desired folder and continue.  Choose specific folder to transfer from CenturyLink to Gmail
  • Now go to the Select Saving option and pick Gmail as the saving option. Soon, the tool will display a field to enter the credentials of the Gmail account.  Enter Gmail credentials
  • If required, go to the filter option to perform selective migration of emails from CenturyLink to the Gmail account. Set up the field as per the demand.  transfer CenturyLink email to Gmail selectivily with filter option
  • As a final step, press Start Backup. 

Note: Before purchasing the application, you can test the tool for free by migrating 25 emails from CenturyLink to your Gmail account. This version will let the user understand the standard procedure to operate the software. Batch migration is possible with the Professional version of the tool. 

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Why You Should Get This Tool?

When finalizing a tool or a method, one must go through the different features the tool/method offers. Here are some of the vital traits of the application when moving CenturyLink Emails to a Gmail account:

  • No data loss during Migration: While moving emails from one place to another, the loss or interruption of the process most probably takes place. MacUncle has vouched to protect the email data during the migration process. 
  • Move Email Data Instantly: The process to transfer CenturyLink emails to Gmail takes place within a few minutes. As it depends on the size of email data corresponding to an internet connection. However, the process instantly offers 100% accuracy.
  • Perform Selective Migration: With the advanced option – Filter Option, transfer particular email messages using attributes like Subject, To, From, etc. Set up the desired field to migrate selected email data. 
  • No need to Access any Email Client: To operate the tool, there is no requirement for any other application or services. The migration occurs in the tool itself.

Final Verse 

Now, we are in a place where the migration and transfer of email data from one client to another is common. With MacUncle, the conversion & migration of email is carried out with ease. The tool works smoothly on all macOS without the aid of external applications. Therefore, complete the transfer process of emails within a few simple clicks from CenturyLink to Google Account.

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Common Questions – Transfer CenturyLink Email to Gmail

Q) I don’t want to transfer all the data to Gmail from CenturyLink, only the contact folder. Does the tool offer select migration of emails?

A) Yes, before the process begins the tool loads all the folders in the left reading panel. Choose the Contact folder and then, carry out the rest procedure.

Q) Can I use this tool on my Mac 10.12 edition?

A) Yes, CenturyLink to Gmail tool is compatible with all the latest versions above 10.8 Mountain Lion.

Q) Does this tool convert before and then migrate it to Gmail?

A) No, the process is direct. There is no conversion or change of the file extension that takes place.