Fix Yahoo Mail Not Downloading on Apple Mail – Instant Solution

Mark Briggs | May 25th, 2022 | Mac OS X, Yahoo

Mac users can connect and sync their Yahoo Mail account to Mac Mail for the ease of managing email accounts. Apple Mail is the commonly used email service by Macintosh users. However, at some point, users might get into issues such as Yahoo Mail not Working on Mac Mail. Here is one of the user queries we received.

My Yahoo Mail account is not uploading to Apple Mail. When I try to use Apple Mail to access Yahoo Mail, it says “” is not responding. If I add the account as ‘another email account’ instead of Yahoo, the mail is restored, but I am unable to access contacts, calendars, or other information. Any thoughts on why Apple Mail is unable to connect to the Yahoo account?

This article is for you if you are having the same problem with your Yahoo Mail account. You will find all potential alternatives to the Yahoo Mail not running on the Mac Mail issue here. So, let’s take a look at some possible solutions.

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How to Resolve Yahoo Mail Not Working on Mac Machine

The majority of mail problems are caused by inadequate configurations/settings or a problem with the Yahoo Mail account that the user is attempting to access. As a result, the techniques mentioned below can be used to solve the problem:

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1. Check Internet Connection

First and foremost, you must check your internet connection, as a strong internet connection is needed to connect to Yahoo Mail. The first thing you can check is the internet connection if the Yahoo! Mail login fails. Simply search to see if your Mac’s internet is switched on or not.

2. Sign in to Yahoo Account Separately

It’s always a great idea to double-check if Yahoo Mail is compatible with platforms other than Mac Mail. The easiest way to find out is to open your default browser and check for your email address to see what the real issue is. Simply follow the steps outlined below:

  • To start, open your browser.
  • Then, go to your Yahoo Mail account and log in.
  • Send an email to one of your other accounts or the same Yahoo ID after that.
  • Everything is fine if you receive the email. If not, the error will continue to occur.

3. Incorrect Server Address

Whenever Yahoo Mail does not download emails to Mac Apple Mail, the issue would be with the email server. As a result, double-check the server address and make sure you’ve entered the correct server address.

4. Check Auto Forward Feature is Enabled to Resolve Yahoo Mail not working on Mac

It is important to look for the Auto-Forwarding functionality. If you have this feature available in your Yahoo Mail account, you might be not allowed to download messages to Mac Mail. Simply follow the steps below to see if you have any auto-sending enabled:

  • To start, go to the Settings tab.
  • Then, click on Auto Forwarding
  • You can now see all of the Auto-Forwarding rules you’ve set.

5. Disable Antivirus Application

It isn’t uncommon for security applications to conflict with Yahoo Mail’s features, resulting in Yahoo Mail not working on Mac Mail. So, first, turn off all security software on your computer, and then try to open Yahoo mail on your Mac.

  • Disable all Antivirus security application
  • Link Yahoo Mail to Apple Mail after that.
  • If Yahoo mail begins to function normally, the antivirus software was preventing Yahoo from operating in Mac mail.
  • Later re-enable the antivirus software once Yahoo mail is working properly.

6. Restart the Mail App

Relaunching the Apple Mail app is the simplest way to fix the problem of emails not downloading in Yahoo Mail. This is because closing and reopening the application stops all of the background processes that are causing the issue. The easiest way to do this is to simply press “Command+Q” from the Mail app and restart it.

7. Analyse the Yahoo Account Login Credentials

If you use incorrect login details for your Yahoo Mail account, Yahoo will not be able to download your emails. You must verify the email address, password, and request authentication to do so.

Professional Solution to Fix “Yahoo Mail Not Working on Mac”

If you have tried all the above methods and still failed to resolve the issue then the best option is Yahoo Mail Backup Tool for Mac. Using this tool, you can convert or backup the Yahoo email files to MBOX format. Or Import Yahoo Mail to Apple Mail accounts directly without causing any modification to the email files.

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This article demonstrates some established methods for resolving the Yahoo Mail not working on the Apple Mail issue. Other than that, we’ve also discussed a third-party solution to Archive Yahoo mail to Mac Hard drive, as having an email backup is always useful. To import Yahoo mail into Mac Mail, save the archive in MBOX format. Now, choose some solution for Apple Mail that can’t bind to the account Yahoo error based on your current needs and preferences.