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Permanently Delete Multiple Files on Mac Instantly

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Published On February 28th, 2024 • 5 min read

Do you want to permanently delete all files from your Apple computer? Here you will get the solution to the most anticipated issue we face – How to delete multiple files on Mac permanently? 

“I am using a MacBook pro from one of my friends for my official work. After completing my work, I will definitely delete all the data. But I want all my files to be erased permanently from the MacBook.”

Find the best and most resonant method to erase all files on MacBook Pro and other Mac machines. Cleaning up Mac files and folders due to limited storage space is a common practice we perform. We often move files or folders to the trash and the final procedure would be emptying the trash. Is that all? The expert answer is no. 

All the deleted files can be retrieved using any of the recovery tools available in the market even if you have emptied the trash folder. If you are planning to erase all the Mac files/folders permanently, then a zero-filling or data replacement method is the best.

Delete Multiple Files / Folders on Mac OS 

If you are sure about removing files permanently then, MacUncle Data Wipe is the software for you. It is the secured file deletion tool for Mac OS Machine – Mini Mac, MacBook, iMac, etc. Using the advanced erasing methods, delete unused files and folders within the tool itself. The whole process can be carried out using the application without any external procedure. 

Download for Mac

Different File Deletion Methods: Zero (1 Pass); Random; Wipe-File Simple; Zero & Random; Random & Zero; WipeFile Medium; US Navy – MFM; Microsoft Cipher; US Navy RLL; US DoD/ US Air Force; Bit Toggle; WipeFile – Secure; NATO Standard; Peter Gatmann.

Steps to Delete Multiple Files on Mac OS

Download and install the tool on Macintosh OS versions above 10.8 Mountain Lion. Then, follow the steps carefully to delete multiple files on Mac:

  • Step 1. Use the Add option – Add File(s) or Add Folder(s) to upload the preferred files or folders to the software. (Choose the files carefully so retrieving the deleted file is not possible). The Press Next button.Use Data Wipe to Delete multiple files on Mac
  • Step 2. The tool will take you to another tab with complete scanned folders & subfolders. Check the corresponding box with the required folders and proceed by clicking the Next button. Add required file or folder to erase from Mac OS
  • Step 3. Further, click Select Wipe Method and choose any method from the drop-down menu. Delete multiple files on Mac using military standard software
  • Step 4. Use the filter option to delete selective files using Date Range, File Mask, and Overwrite Data Text. Finally, press the Wipe button to initiate the deletion process on Mac OS.Filter option to selectively delete files on Mac

    Erase All Files using Demo or Pro Version

    We have come up with a free trial version to delete the files and folders on Macintosh OS. Delete 5 files of size less than 5 MB as per the user’s requirement without any restriction. Use any method from the tool to erase the data files effortlessly. Consequently, after testing the application go for the upgraded version with advanced features and perform unlimited deletion of files. Go to the link below to buy the license key.


    Why a Tool to Delete Multiple Files on Mac OS?

    In this section we will discuss the unique features and traits of the tool, which will make you try the tool:

    • Bulk Deletion of Mac File/Folder: Bulk Mac file/folder deletion can be performed using the application. Delete multiple files at once instantly. Choose any method to erase the data files in batches.
    • Select the Desired Subfolder: After adding the preferred folders/files to the software panel, within minutes all the files and subfolders will display on the Files window. To clarify, users are free to choose the folders using the check box.
    • Filter Out and Delete: In this feature, one can choose or set the filter option to delete multiple files on Mac selectively. The Filter settings are Date Range, Overwrite Data Text, and File Mask.


    Q) Is it possible to delete the temp files in Mac OS?

    A) Yes, of course, delete any files permanently without any hassle using the tool.

    • Go>>Go to the Finder>> and type ~/Library/Caches/.
    • Then, add the files to the software using the Add File(s) option.
    • Further, perform the task. 

    Q) Can I Choose any method to delete my files?

    A) Yes, choose any option as all the methods follow the military-grade file deletion algorithm.

    Q) How many files can be deleted using this tool?

    A) The Trial version will allow the deletion of 5 files permanently. Use the Pro version to delete unlimited files.

    Q) How do I delete files from my micro SD card on a Mac?

    A) Use the same procedure select the SD card folder and delete the files entirely using any of the erasing methods.
    For more details visit: Delete files from SD Card on Mac


    Above all, we have used different approaches to delete files or folders from our Apple computers. Different shortcut keys, delete immediately options, etc. are the most common and traditional practices. However, those files can be recovered easily. Therefore, we have come up with an adaptable solution for our users. Delete multiple files on Mac OS permanently without any hassle.