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How to Import Apple Mail to Gmail Account ?

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Published On April 15th, 2024 • 6 min read

Well, several users have to transfer their Apple Mail mailboxes to their Gmail accounts. But right now, there is no accessible manual procedure. However, without losing your email data, you can use an automated method to import Apple Mail to Gmail accounts.

The default email client for macOS is Apple Mail, also known as Mac Mail, which can be configured on IMAP and POP3 accounts. Locally, Apple Mail stores user mailbox data in MBOX format and can only access it on the Mac computer it is configured on. Gmail, on the other hand, is a cloud-based email service that can be accessed through a web browser or Gmail app on any device or smartphone. This value makes users want to forward Apple Mail to Gmail by accessing emails on any computer and from anywhere.

Apple Mail and Gmail or G Suite

Let’s discuss how Mac Mail Client differs from Gmail Account which implies the reasons why users are looking for a solution to migrate Apple Mail to Google Account.

  • Apple Mail is Apple Inc.’s desktop-based email client, whereas Google Inc.’s cloud-based email service is Gmail or G Suite.
  • Only a configured Mac device can run the Mac Mail email client, while Gmail or G Suite can run on any computer, cell phone, tablet, etc.
  • Although Google Mail stores the data in the cloud, Apple Mail stores the email data in the configured Mac Machine.
  • Configuring Apple Mail with an email account to send and receive email messages is essential, whereas Gmail or G Suite can be started directly.

Standard Steps to Import Apple Mail to Gmail 

We can add the Mac Mail ID to the Google account to get all the emails directly. Follow the steps if you can to get all the emails from your Mac Email account to Gmail. 

  • Go to the Gmail account and navigate to the Settings option.
  • To get to all the features select See all Settings.
  • In the Accounts and Import section, click on Import Mail and Contacts.
  • Enter the Apple Mail ID and press the Continue button.
  • Then enter the password and again press the Continue button.
  • Click on the Start Import and Press the OK button to proceed.

Soon the process to import Mac Mail emails to Gmail completes successfully. This method is the best when you want to move all the emails to transfer to a Google Mail account. To forward only selected emails or contacts, check out the expert-recommended method mentioned below.

Import Mac Mail to Gmail Account Directly

MacUncle Apple Mail Converter is a great software for importing emails from Mac Mail to Gmail, including all attachments and email items. With an automatic upload option, the tool gives a configured migration option as well as a manual upload option.

The application gives a direct migration feature in which users just need to enter the Gmail credentials – Email address and password (create a third-party password).

Procedure to Migrate Mac Mail to Google Account

Carry out the steps given here to import Mac Emails to Gmail


  • Step 1. Launch the tool and click on “Convert Email” to “Convert Contacts”.
    start the tool to import apple mail to gmail
  • Step 2: Select “Convert configured AppleMail mailbox data” or “Let me select my AppleMail mailbox data”.
    select which data to convert
  • Step 3: If you have selected “Let me select my AppleMail mailbox data” then upload Apple Mail emails manually using Add File(s) and Add Folder(s).
    add apple mail files
  • Step 4: Here we have “Convert configured AppleMail mailboxes data” selected and choose the desired folder. Press the Next button to move further.
    choose the desired files
  • Step 5: Then from the Select Saving option choose the IMAP option and enter Gmail Account credentials along with the IMAP Host and IMAP port number. Finally hit the Export button
    choose gmail option
  • Step 5: As a result, live Apple Mail Messages to Gmail Migration takes place. Within a few minutes, you will get a notification on the completion of the process.
    apple mail to gmail migration

We also have the solution to Export Apple Mail Contacts to CSV

Aspects of Apple Mail to Gmail Importer Tool

  • Directly transfer emails from Mac Mail Messages to Google account via automated as well as manual methods.
  • It offers dual options to select mailbox files such as Add File(s) or Add Folder(s).
  • The tool also helps to move emails from Mac Mail to Google Apps (G Suite) using the account credentials.
  • It maintains all the email components and folder structure while migrating Apple Mail to a Gmail Account.
  • There is no size limit for importing large-size files. And users can easily transfer unlimited emails from Mac Mail to Google Mail.
  • It is a shareware program to analyze the tool before buying the license keys, which come with the free trial version.

Wrapping Up

Often situations arise when you need to switch Mac Mail Emails to Gmail accounts. You need to learn how to migrate it from Apple to Gmail for this. However, by following the methods mentioned in this post, you can easily do this without any technical knowledge. This technique provides a direct migration technique and, even after migration, gets accurate results. However, in case something goes wrong, it’s also important to create a backup of the Mac Mail mailbox.


Q) Is it simple to import Mac Mail to Gmail?

A) Yes. Setting the Apple Mail ID in the Gmail account using the IMAP configuration can migrate emails easily. Otherwise, use the recommended tool to forward only the desired emails. 

Q. Why would I need to transfer my Apple Mail mailboxes to Gmail?

Transferring your Apple Mail mailboxes to Gmail allows you to get entry to your emails from any device with the internet. Gmail’s cloud-based provider ensures your emails are continually available, not like Apple Mail, which’s constrained to the Mac tool it is configured on.

Q. Is there a direct manual way to import Apple Mail to Gmail?

Currently, there’s no direct manual process for uploading Apple Mail to Gmail. However, you can use an automated technique to switch your electronic mail records without dropping any facts.

Q. What if something goes wrong during the migration system?

It’s continually recommended to create a backup of your Mac Mail mailbox earlier than intended with the migration system. This ensures that you have a copy of your information in case something sudden occurs

Q. Is there a restriction to the number of emails I can transfer from Apple Mail to Gmail?

There isn’t any limit to uploading huge documents, and users can effortlessly switch limitless emails from Apple Mail to Gmail with the use of the cautioned tool.

Q. How can I forward Apple Mail to Gmail accounts?

To forward Apple Mail emails to Gmail, use the manual method via the Google account Import Mail & Contacts options. Otherwise, you can also try the software solution mentioned here.