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Convert Spicebird Mailbox to Outlook PST & Migrate the Files on Mac OS

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Published On April 29th, 2023 • 4 min read

Even though the Spicebird client contains various capabilities, it is currently unavailable on the market due to a lack of official support. Users nowadays choose to shift to more modern and reliable systems, such as Microsoft Outlook. If you’re seeking for a solution to migrate Spicebird Mailbox to Outlook, it’s recommended to read the complete article to get the tool details. 

“Hi, I found MBOX Converter while searching for an application to import mailbox to Outlook. Here my question is will I be able to import Spicebird Mailbox to my Outlook account? Also, I am using a Mac Edition 10.11.”

Yes! With the application, users can easily convert Mailboxes for any email client in *.mbox format to Outlook PST. Read the whole information section by section, and also, get the steps with an illustration. 

Overview of Spicebird

Spicebird is an open-source email client and a free personal information manager. Its customers get access to features like instant chat, quick emailing, and calendaring. Spicebird also has an integrated Jabber chat client, allowing you to communicate with GTalk and other Jabber-based chat clients. 

Some salient features of Spicebird:

  • It’s a free emailing program.
  • It allows you to share your calendar with friends and others.
  • It comes with a blogging add-on.
  • Mozilla Spicebird enables users to add applets to their home screens, providing services like Maps, Calendar, SMS, Date, Time, Weather, Google applet, RSS feed, and more.
  • It aids users in the creation and management of calendar events.
  • Other than English, other chat languages are supported.

How to Extract Mailbox from Spicebird

Know how to download and extract Mailboxes from the Spicebird account:

1: Open Spicebird and then select Tools from the drop-down menu.

2: Next, select Account Settings from the drop-down menu.

3: In the Account Settings window, choose Server Settings.

4: Finally, copy the path to the local directory.

5: Go to the directory’s location and open it.

More About the Tool to Convert Spicebird Mailbox to Outlook PST

The application MBOX to PST Converter comes in two different versions a trial & a Professional Version. Use the trial version and convert important 25 Spicebird MBOX files to Outlook PST format. By that users can migrate the converted Mailboxes to Outlook accounts in a few clicks. As the conversion can be completed within minutes or depending on the number of email files. 

Salient Features of the Application

The below-mentioned are the most important traits we provide through the application. Have a look at the features before purchasing. 

  • Mass Conversion: With the application, one can quickly convert Spicebird to Outlook in bulk. As a result, you can choose as many folders as you want from the device. With which bulk transfer of emails is possible. 
  • Simple User Interface: The user interface of the converter is what makes it ideal for you. Whether it’s your first time using it or not, you won’t encounter any difficulties because of the user interface’s simplicity.
  • File Naming: This is an excellent feature that makes things much easier for you after the conversion. You can organize your files by date, subject, month, and year. File renaming helps in managing files with ease.
  • 100% Accuracy: Spicebird to Outlook Migrator allows you to migrate email headers as well as all email components. The Email data will be the same even after the conversion. 

Bottom Line

Now, we assume that the issue is resolved with the help of the suggested application. Perform Spicebird to Outlook Migration along with the documents attached to it. The utility is compatible with all the recent editions of Mac OS above 10.8. Use the application without any agonizing.