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Learn How to Transfer Hotmail Emails to Gmail Account on Mac!

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Published On February 13th, 2024 • 5 min read

Outline: – Get the complete details on ways to transfer Hotmail Emails to Gmail. Here you will get the most demanded and secured solution for email migration.

We all know Hotmail was one of the most used email clients in the earlier times which dominated the messaging marketplace. But Microsoft melded the Hotmail brand into the Outlook product in 2013 and focused all its marketing efforts on Outlook only. 

In this following article, we will provide you with a perfect plan to transfer all of your Hotmail emails to your Gmail Account on Mac System or Windows, read on more for the righteous solution. 

Why Switch to Only Gmail Account? 

The popularity and the number of users of Gmail are far greater as compared to Microsoft through their functionality, features, ease of use, security, etc. are more or less similar. Gmail has taken the crown of email from Microsoft. Many people prefer Gmail over Hotmail simply because of the structure of Gmail therefore they want to shift from Hotmail to Gmail. 

The process is very simple fortunately while you can also keep the old account in your system. Thus, we have two ways by which you can migrate from Hotmail to Gmail on Mac OS. The first technique will be a manual method while the second provides you with a direct method.

#Method 1 – Steps to Transfer Hotmail Emails to Gmail

For direct Hotmail Emails to Gmail migration go to #Method 2

  • 1. Start by signing in to your Gmail Account on your Mac Machine. Click the Gear Icon from the top right corner and click on the Settings option from the menu.
  • 2. Then Navigate to Accounts and Import, this click on the Import mail and contacts. The Next Tab allows you to enter your Hotmail Email Address, and fill in the required email address.manually forward emails from Hotmail to Gmail
  • 3. Click Continue and Sign in to your Hotmail Account. Add Hotmail Account
  • 4. Then you select the various import options, click on the Import Mailbox and click the Start Import button. Select requried import options


    However, this method lacks various options which might enhance your importing process. So here we will list down the several Limitations of #Method 1:-

    • The entire process consumes a lot of your valuable time and can take up to 2 days to Import your data. 
    • It lacks various filters which might help select particular emails you want to forward Hotmail to Gmail. Another option could be Folder Selection which is also likely the same.

    #Method 2- Direct Transfer Hotmail Emails to Gmail Mac Account

    Here we will recommend a professional and reliable tool to migrate emails from Hotmail to Gmail Account. Download and Install the MacUncle Hotmail Backup Tool on your system. This wizard is the perfect solution to transfer Hotmail to Gmail or import Hotmail to Apple Mail, save Hotmail email to PDF, etc. You can also keep a backup of your Hotmail Emails on local storage via this application. 

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    It provides you with the Pause & Resume option to handle downloading backups in your System thus offering you flexibility. While this application does not mandate the installation of Outlook to back up Hotmail files. 

    Steps to Migrate Hotmail to Gmail using the Tool

    Following up are the steps to import messages from Hotmail to a Gmail account on macOS including calendars, contacts, etc. 

    • Step 1. Launch the application after installation in your Mac System. Start MacUncle tool to Transfer Hotmail Emails to Gmail
    • Step 2. Now enter the Hotmail Account credentials to the software panel and click on the Login button to move forward. Enter Hotmail Email Credentials
    • Step 3. The next tab allows you to select the email folder to convert and choose the IMAP option.Choose IMAP option
    • Step 4. Enter Gmail credentials and IMAP Details to the panelEnter Gmail Credentials to Transfer Hotmail Email to Gmail
    • Step 5. Finally, Press the Start Export button to initiate the Hotmail migration process. Hotmail Email to Gmail Migration Completes
    • After a few minutes, you will get notified of the completion of the Hotmail emails to the Gmail transfer process. 

    Innovative Features of the Wizard

    The tool comes with an excellent interface with user-friendly features. Here are some of the extraordinary features of this tool: –

    • The tool also offers you a wide range of Backup formats such as EML, PST, PDF, Doc, etc.  
    • It provides email filters to enhance your migration process, you can specify the Hotmail email files which you want to migrate.
    • It retains the structure and originality of the email directories and preserves the Email Header such as to, from, bcc, etc. even after the completion of the process.
    • This software produces a Backup Report which lists down all the necessary details of the export procedure.


    Q. How to transfer the contacts list from Hotmail to a Gmail account using this tool?

    A. After adding the Hotmail account, the folder will load in the software interface. Choose the desired email or contact folder before migration.

    Q. Do I need to sign in to Hotmail before using the tool?

    A. No. While using the application one must enter the Hotmail credentials to the software interface, to get the email data from the client. Else, there is no need to sign in to the account.

    Q. How to forward Hotmail to Gmail selectively with the tool?

    A. We have the best approach to transfer the selective emails from Hotmail to Gmail account. Use the filter option to forward only the desired emails from Hotmail account.

    To Sum Up

    In the following article, we have given a complete process to migrate from Hotmail to Gmail Accounts. We have prescribed two ways that can be helpful if you are struggling with this problem. The first method is a manual way with certain limitations. However, the Second method entails a Professional Tool that provides you with the effortless and convenient migration of Hotmail to Gmail in just a few minutes.