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Transfer Office 365 to iCloud including Emails and Contacts

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Published On December 28th, 2023 • 4 min read

Many companies or individuals use the Office 365 online suite to handle emails, contacts, and more. Since it helps users to access mailbox data from anywhere and from any computer in the presence of an internet connection. Unfortunately, when it comes to finding a solution to transfer Office 365 to iCloud, there are just a few ways to do so.

For easy access, I searched a lot for a direct method to transfer all my MS Office 365 contacts to my iCloud. So it will help me easily connect with my client. Please have a direct method so that there is no complicated procedure I need to do.

Moreover, one of the most decisive problems for users is importing contacts from Outlook 2016 to iCloud, allowing contacts from O365 to be viewed on all Mac devices. Contacts often play a vital role in everyone’s life because they allow users to stay connected with each other. Users are therefore attempting to transfer Office 365 to iCloud without any hassle. Business cards allow you to provide personal customer information at work, at home and outside, at meetings, and on the premises.

Let’s start with the expertise solution to move Office 365 to iCloud.

Perfect Way to Export Office 365 to iCloud

To transfer Office 365 contacts to iCloud, the user can use a trouble-free solution – the MacUncle Office 365 Backup tool. With this utility, the user can easily store Office 365 mailbox items such as emails, addresses, calendars, etc. in various file formats. Besides, the user can also use data filters when migrating Office 365 data. The utility can import Office 365 emails, contacts, etc. into iCloud/iPhone without causing any modification. 

Use the Pro Version of the software for unlimited export features from Office 365 to iCloud accounts. 

Download the trial version of the Tool for Mac.

Steps to Transfer Office 365 to iCloud Account

Here is the procedure to Import Office 365 to the iCloud Account:

  • Step 1: Start the tool and select Office 365 from the options in the software panel.Transfer Office 365 to iCloud using Tool
  • Step 2: Now enter the Microsoft 365 account credentials and then enter the login button.Enter Office 365 Credentials
  • Step 3: AS a result in no time the tool loads all the folders in the O365 account
  • Step 4: Then select the IMAP option from the Select Saving Option.Choose desired folder and IMAP option
  • Step 5: For Selective Migration use the Filter option: Filter out emails according to Date, From, To, and Subject or import only send folder.Filter Option to transfer Office 365 to iCloud selectively
  • Step 6: Now, enter the iCloud account address and password. Also, enter the IMAP host & IMAP port.
  • Step 7: To Proceed press Start Backup, in a few minutes, all the selected emails, contacts, calendars, etc. will be transferred.Enter iCloud Account Credentials

    We can easily evaluate the solution for transferring Office 365 contacts to iCloud as one of the fastest available at present. Advanced technological expertise is not mandatory for the migration process. It lets users switch e-mail contacts and calendars from Office 365 to iCloud.


    You can efficiently transfer Office 365 to iCloud including all emails and other data using the software. To maintain a connection with a business client, the Office 365 Address Book is crucial. That is why people always need those important contacts on their cell phones. Therefore, in this article, we have discussed different situations where there is a requirement to transfer the O365 address book.

    FAQ – Office 365 to iCloud Migration

    Q1) How do I get my contacts from Office 365 to my iPhone?

    A1) Use the tool and add the Microsoft 365 details. As a result, the application scans all the folders including contacts. From the list select the contacts and transfer them to iCloud.

    Q2) Is it possible to try the software before buying the purchase key?

    A2) Yes, get the demo version of Office 365 to the iCloud wizard. And import 25 email files without causing any modification to the data included in the account.

    Q3) Does this approach export contacts from Outlook Office 365 to iCloud?

    A3) Yes. You can effortlessly import contacts from Office 365 to iCloud using the recommended application. Just select the desired folder and transfer the files.