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How to Permanently Transfer Yahoo Emails to Another Account?

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Published On March 5th, 2024 • 5 min read

The article has explained the different methods to transfer Yahoo Emails to Another account of the different email account. There are two different approaches to moving emails from one Yahoo to another i.e., the manual and the automated solution.

“I was wondering if there is any easy technique to move emails from one Yahoo account to another directly. Since there is an option to permanently forward emails to another email ID, how can we move only a bunch of emails.”

The above query is one of the common concerns of Yahoo users. If we perform the manual approach the email data will be sent to the added ID continuously. However, go through the expertise and manual method provided in the blog.

#1 Method to Transfer Yahoo Emails to Another Account

Following are the steps to get email messages from one account to the other using the Yahoo Application.

  • Access your Yahoo mail account.
  • On the mail, select the Gear icon in the top right corner.
  • Now select Settings from the menu.
  • Enter the Yahoo mail account from which you want to export the emails under Email Addresses in the left panel.
  • After that, choose “Access your Yahoo Mail elsewhere” and select the “Forward: Your mail is forwarded to the provided location, so you can check it elsewhere” checkbox.
  • Then enter the Yahoo mail address you want to use for mail forwarding, and click the Verify option.
  • The email address will then get a verification email.
  • Once you have verified that link by clicking on it, the export of emails from one Yahoo account to another Yahoo account will begin.

#2 Method – Directly Forward Yahoo Emails to Another Account

We present you the Yahoo Email Backup Software, an application to move emails from the Yahoo account to another email client or the same account. The application has different saving options along IMAP is also included. Use the IMAP to forward emails and other data to another Yahoo Mail account.

Procedure to Transfer Yahoo Emails to Another Yahoo Account

Install and set up the toolkit on the system and start with the procedure.

Note: Ensure to create a password with Yahoo Settings.

  • Launch the software and enter Yahoo Mail account credentials to the desired field. Press the login button to start the process. Get the MacUncle tool to transfer yahoo emails to another account
  • Select any of the files from the list and choose the desired files to transfer to another mail account.
  • Now choose IMAP and enter the details of the Yahoo account and the IMAP.Choose IMAP for Yahoo to Yahoo Migration
  • To only transfer the selected emails, use the Filter Option.Filter and transfer emails
  • At last press the Start Backup to begin the process.

Demo Version: The initial version of the tool gives the entire information on how the toolkit works on the device. Move the first 25 emails or contacts to a Yahoo account with another email ID and then later upgrade to the licensed edition.

Which one to Choose #1 or #2 Methods?

The automated method is preferable in terms of rich features. The vital features offered by the tool are explained here:

  • Batch Transfer of Emails at Once: Since the email account has multiple folders consisting of emails, the MacUncle has the option to choose the entire directory such as Inbox, Sent, Draft, etc. to move to another account. Transfer Yahoo Emails to another account in folders which results in providing quick solutions.
  • No Requirement for Yahoo Application: The Yahoo application is not required at any point in the email migration process. Therefore, the tool works without the help of any additional services.
  • Direct Yahoo to Yahoo Migration: The emails and other data can be transferred to Yahoo accounts without any file conversion. Move the Yahoo data to another Yahoo account directly.
  • Get 100% accuracy in the Result: The above approach is provident enough to offer complete accuracy while importing emails from one account to another.


Hope you have got the solution from here. We advise using the automatic option unless you are assured that you have access to the requirements and are knowledgeable about any potential technical difficulties of manual technique. With the automated approach, we can directly transfer Yahoo emails to another account without the aid of any additional support.


Q) Can I import all my emails from one Yahoo account to another?

A) Yes. After configuring the Yahoo account in the above-suggested tool select the entire email folders and transfer to another account.

Q) How to transfer the emails from a particular date range?

A) All the data gets scanned and loaded to the software panel, then use the filter option to enter the date range. Then, while transferring the data, it only extracts the emails from the given date.

Q) Can I delete the emails after transferring to a new Yahoo account?

A) Use the recommended tool to transfer the Yahoo data to another account and then with the EmailRaser Tool to clean up the old account.
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