How to Mass Delete Comcast Emails Permanently?

Mark Briggs | February 12th, 2022 | Mac OS X

Today we will discuss the method to bulk delete Comcast Email from the server. Starting with a query we received recently. 

“Hi MacUncle, for the last 10 years I have been a regular Comcast user. I used the account for my personal and business work. Now, what happened is that my email storage is almost full. And Comcast does not allow deletion of more than one page. Could you suggest a tool to delete emails from Comcast in batches?”

The query has said it all. While Comcast does not allow a mass deletion of email data, users tend to go for third-party tools. Therefore, we are here with the detailed procedure to erase emails from the Xfinity Comcast account on Mac Machine. 

Read the complete article to learn more about the tool and procedure to mass delete emails from Comcast. 

Bulk Delete Comcast Email Directly – A Tool for Apple Computers

MacUncle EmailRaser – an independent utility to delete emails from Comcast in bulk with all attachments. As soon as entering the details of Comcast into the software interface all the folders – inbox, send, trash, spam, and archive will be scanned and displayed. Select any folder and erase the emails from the email application without any hassle.

Download for Mac Download for Windows

How to Use Comcast Email Deletion Tool

The steps are as simple as they can be. Download the tool and carry out the steps carefully.

Select Comcast from Email Source and enter the credentials. Press the Login button to proceed.

Enter Comcast Credentials to the interface

As a result, all the folders in Comcast account will display on the left panel. From where choose the required folder or subfolder or email files. 

Bulk Delete Comcast Email by selecting folder/subfolder

Go to the Filter option and set the required field for selective deletion of Comcast emails. Finally, press Erase button to initiate the process to bulk delete Comcast email.

Press Erase button to mass delete Comcast emails

At last, a few notifications of successful deletion and trial set limitations pop up on the screen. Press the OK button to confirm. Then, check the account.

Demo & Pro Version

The demo or trial version of the utility will allow the deletion of 25 emails from the Comcast account. All the features in the pro version are also included in the trial version with file number limitations. Upgrade the tool to a professional version to bulk delete Comcast email without any restrictions. 


FAQ – Bulk Delete Comcast Emails

How to delete emails from a particular email id on Comcast Account?

Use the advanced filter option. Enter the preferred email id to the “From” field. Then proceed with the steps. 

Does the tool completely delete the emails from the Comcast account?

Yes, the application erases or deletes the email data from Comcast permanently. No recovery is possible after the deletion process.

Do I need to have a running Comcast email account while operating the tool?

No, there is no requirement to sign in to the Comcast account to perform the task. It works independently without the help of external support.

Bottom Line

The above write is all about how to bulk delete Comcast email using a Mac Tool. Use the tool only if you want a permanent deletion of emails. It erases the emails using the high-standard deletion algorithm to remove the email data completely without any retrieval option.