Which is Better Microsoft Outlook or Apple Mail?

Mark Briggs | July 9th, 2022 | Mac OS X

Users are often confused between the 2-Email clients. And what they should prefer to use in the future that can fulfill their needs. If you are in the same situation, we will give you the Best & Direct Comparison of Microsoft Outlook vs Apple Mail here in this article. In the end, you would be content and will yourself choose what is best for you. Apple Mail and MS Outlook are the most prominent and widely used email clients among people across the world. The difference between them is that Outlook is by Microsoft and is part of Microsoft Suite. Whereas Apple Mail is by Apple and comes as a default email application on every Mac OS.

Apple Mail is a default email client on every Mac OS. Therefore, Mac users mainly prefer using it only. But on the other hand, Microsoft has created a Mac suited Outlook so that Mac users have the option to switch it to Outlook as well. Outlook is used by Exchange Server whereas Google, IMAP, and POP servers use Mac Mail. Thus, we would give you the best comparison according to your needs and wants in the later section of the blog. The confusion of the users would be solved immediately right here.

In this article, we would provide the best comparison and later a Solution for any conversion to choose the best between the two. Read and follow the article carefully for a clear understanding. 

Comparison – Outlook Vs Apple Mail 

We would give you the key points to make your decision easier: –

  • Platform Independence: Apple Mail is an email client that is restricted to Mac OS, iPhone, and iPad only. It comes as a default email client for Mac users; therefore, it is compatible with Apple Environment only. Whereas Outlook can be accessed and opened not only on Mac OS but also on Windows, and Android. Thus, if you’re working is flexible and has to support all the devices then you should consider using Outlook. 
  • Flexible Options of Outlook: Apple Mail merely acts as an email client offered by Apple on Mac OS. It provides the subset of Outlook features only, but on the other hand, Outlook is more than just an email client. As Outlook comes with MS Office 365 you can avail yourself several other benefits too like PowerPoint, Word, Excel, etc. 
  • Apple Mail is cost-effective: Outlook is a paid one as it is a part of Office 365. Whereas Apple Mail comes as a default email client with Mac OS and therefore, it is completely free. But with Outlook you can access various other additional advantages and these additional benefits are lack in Apple Mail. 
  • Interface & Emailing experience: Outlook acts like a personal information manager software system that is created by Microsoft. This provides you with various other features on the interface including, calendaring, journal and note-taking, contacts, web browser, and many more to go. While Apple Mail comes with a simple and easy-to-work interface for the users.
  • Our Advice– Outlook is preferred when you have to work for your company especially in a professional environment. While if you use it for your work then Mac Mail can work well. 

The Best Solution to Deal with your Problem!

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Wrapping Up 

The article highlights the topic – Outlook Vs Apple Mail. This confusion is coming into the spotlight and thus, we have helped our users to find the perfect and right email client between these two. In the blog we have compared Apple Mail and Outlook thoroughly and, in the end, we have given our advice regarding it. In the later sections of the blog, you will get the solution to get rid of the problem instantly. Many people after reading this article would want to switch from one email client to another and for that, we have given our Best & Perfect Tool.